January 30 2021

Kat Hasty Texas/Red Dirt

Texas Music Pickers ranks the weeks most streamed Texas/Red Dirt Singles.

At number three on the Texas Music Pickers Spotify charts this week is “Pretty Things” by Kat Hasty.

This native Texan is someone to keep an eye on as her songs are gaining popularity. With her Drowning in Dreams EP, released last year, Kat has gained a significant following. According to Spotify, she has 264,813 monthly listeners. As of this morning, Kat has 21.7K followers on her Twitter account.

Kat Hasty is managed by fellow Texas musician Dalton Domino. Besides just making good music, Kat Hasty is a business woman of sorts. She understands that promoting herself and her brand is also important. It is because of this that she has begun to make a name for herself. The Kat Hasty brand and her music will be a force to be reckoned with in Texas and Red Dirt Music. I expect to hear more great music coming from her in the future.

Most important for me is the fact that Kat Hasty’s songs sound of things I love. Texas.

My favorite by her thus far is called “The Highway Song.”

That 15 minute epiphany has pretty much changed the entire course of my life“

Kat Hasty

Recently, I read an article about Kat on raisedrowdy.com. Kat told of writing, “The Highway Song.” She said she had just began singing the lyrics in her head on a trip to Ft. Worth. After a few miles and only a short time, she pulled over into a gas station and typed the Lyrics into her phone.

“That 15 minute epiphany has pretty much changed the entire course of my life“ she said.

If you haven’t heard Kat Hasty, I suggest you go listen to her now. Music is important to me. I am grateful to share my old favorites and my new discoveries, like Kat Hasty to you.


January 29 2021

For No One

I am a collector of sorts. A collector of sad songs and broken dreams. Recently on Twitter, I asked for some feedback from others as to what they thought was the saddest song ever. My goto has always been “Teddy Bear,” by Red Sovine, “Roses for Mama,” a song also recorded by Red Sovine and sometimes C.W. McCall. Other sad songs for me have been Towne’s Van Zandt’s, “Tecumseh Valley,” and Blaze Foley’s, “Clay Pigeons.” John Prine did a great cover version of the “Clay Pigeons” as well.

Another sad song that my mind often goes to Willie Nelson wrote and sings the song lyrics:

I’m writing a song all about you, A true song as real as my tears, But you’ve no need to fear it, Cause no one will hear it, Cause sad songs and waltzes aren’t selling this year.”

Sad Songs and Waltzes- Willie Nelson.

Wrecking Ball Radio turned me on to another sad song due to my Twitter post. “For No One.”

@CosmicJt23 Tweeted:

“For No One”- Beatles song, but covered by Emmylou Harris. Paul’s version is great but it’s more upbeat so you don’t notice how sad it is, but Emmylou’s version blows me away.

He was right. “For No One” was written by Paul McCartney and gives songwriting credits to John Lennon. McCartney began writing the song in a swiss chalet while on holiday with his girlfriend Jane Asher in March of 1966. The song was written about Asher who was a successful London actress. There is speculation that the song was written after an Argument involving Asher and McCartney. The pair didn’t split until 1968 two years after the song was written so the argument must not have been a deal breaker.

Paul McCartney’s original title for the tune was to be “Why Did It Die.” Alan Civil who played the French Horn on the track thought it was an orchestral piece called “For No One.” I suppose the name stuck

Emmylou Harris covered the song on her 1975 Album, Pieces of the Sky, released in 1975. Her version does seem to go much deeper with the song than the Beatles version. Emmylou’s version sounds so much more haunting and chilling than the Beatles sound.

The day breaks your mind aches

You find that all her words of kindness linger on

She no longer needs you

She wakes up she makes up

She takes her time and doesn’t feel she has to hurry

She no longer needs you.

And in her eyes you see nothing

No sign of love behind the tears

Cried for no one

A love that should have lasted years

You want her you need her

And yet you don’t believe her when she said her love is dead

You think she needs you

She goes out you stay home

She says that long ago she knew someone but now he’s gone

She doesn’t need him.

And in her eyes you see nothing

No sign of love behind the tears

Cried for no one

A love that should have lasted years

Your day breaks your mind aches

There will be time when all the things she said

Will fill your head

You won’t forget her…

Songwriters: Paul Mccartney, John Lennon

I would like to thank my Twitter friend WreckingBallRadio for the recommendation of this sad song for my collection.

Emmy’s version of “For No One” is getting lots of streams by me this week.

If you like sad songs too, The last line in the song says everything. There will be a time when all the things she said will fill your head. You won’t forget her..


January 26 2021

You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma

There’s a full moon over Tulsa,

I hope that it’s shining on you.

The nights are getting cold,

In Cherokee County.

There’s a Blue Norther passing through.

I remember green eyes and a ranchers daughter.

But remember is all that I do.

Losing you left a pretty good cowboy,

With nothing to hold on to.




“You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma” was Shelly West’s debut on the country charts and David Frizzell’s second hit on the charts. Together, the duo would produce a total of seven hits. “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma” was their most successful song together.

The song spent a week at the number one spot and eleven more weeks in Country’s Top 40. In 1981 the song earned Frizzell and West, Song of the Year and Vocal Duet of the Year at the Country Music Association awards. The song also appeared on the movie soundtrack for Any Which Way You Can starring Clint Eastwood.

David Frizzell was the younger brother of country superstar “Lefty” Frizzell. David was born in El Dorado Arkansas, Sept. 26, 1941. David toured with his brother in the 1950’s and 1960’s. He served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. In 1970 he signed with Columbia Records. His first hit came in the 1970’s with “I Just Can’t Help Believing.” Later he would score success with Shelly West recording with her until the mid-eighties. His most successful solo hit came in 1982, David Frizzell’s only number one solo hit “I’m Gonna Hire A Wino to Decorate our Home.”

Shelly West was born in Cleveland, Ohio May 23, 1958. Her mother was country star Dottie West. Shelly married into the Frizzell music legacy when she married Allen Frizzell. Younger brother of “Lefty” and David. The marriage only lasted a year but the union earned Shelly the opportunity to record hit duets with David Frizzell. West’s version of the song, “Jose Cuervo” in 1983 was her solo number one hit. The song provided a sales boost for the Jose Cuervo tequila company and brought even more success to West. The song was released on her first solo album, West by West.

You’re the reason God made Oklahoma,

You’re the reason God made Oklahoma.

And I’m sure missing you,

I’m sure missing you.

I don’t know whatever happened to David Frizzell and Shelly West after the 80’s. They were here and then they weren’t. “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma,” was always my goto at the Karaoke microphone. I used to tease that I could do both parts. And, I did make a pretty good Shelly West though not near as cute. Ha! Their music together as well as each of their solo acts was a big part of growing up. In the early 80’s you couldn’t turn on country radio without hearing a song by one of them or both. My thanks to this Dynamite Duo. David and Shelly. They just don’t make country music like this much anymore.

And I’m sure missing you.


January 25 2021

Somedays You Write The Song

There always has been a turmoil going on inside of my own mind as to who was the greatest song writer ever. Some days I am stuck on Kris Kristofferson. Sometimes, I think Townes Van Zandt might just be the best. Steve Earle is responsible for the infamous quote:

“Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world, and I’ll stand on Bob Dylan’s coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that.”

Steve Earle

What if Townes hadn’t died so early? Imagine the masterpieces he would have written if he only had a little more time? Or Gram Parsons same as Townes, gone too soon.

Ray Wylie Hubbard is most likely in my top 20 and of course Willie is in there somewhere. There is Steve Earle and there was Billy Joe Shaver and Jerry Jeff. Dylan was great. I could switch genre and throw in so many more, Paul Simon, Graham Nash, McCartney, Stephen Stills, even Lennon. Oh, and don’t forget Keith Richards.

Guy Clark once sang,

“There’s no rhyme or reason

Ain’t a damn thing you can do

Some days you write the song

Some days the song writes you.”

I consider Guy Clark one of the best ever. He wrote so simple and natural. He had a knack to tell a story and to draw on one’s emotions. His song lyrics might make one laugh and cry in one single song.

Today I guess the Wolf in my brain that is winning would pick the Guy, as the greatest songwriter ever. You never know though. Because my mind is like the weather in West Texas and it will change in the blink of an eye.

I love music from all generations and genres and I have enjoyed talking about it here in Under The Sound. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I have enjoyed writing. Drop a comment and let me know!


January 24 2021

Grateful, Ray Wylie Hubbard

The days I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days.. Today I am having a really good day!


Ray Wylie Hubbard closed out his set on Austin City Limits with gratitude. Gratitude for sharing the ACL stage with his son Lucas Hubbard. Lucas, is an amazing guitarist, if you want to appreciate a great guitar man and great music by a talented poetic, singer song writer, then you really need to watch the concert on PBS that aired this week.

RWH was grateful for the other members of the band as well, his long time drummer Kyle Schneider and Austin musicians, the keyboardist Bukka Allen and bassist Gurf Morlix. Ray Wylie expressed his gratitude to Austin City Limits executive producer, Terry Lickona for making it all possible.

“There’s no good excuse for why it took Ray Wylie to finally make his debut on Austin City Limits after 46 years, but like a fine whiskey, some things just keep getting better with age. Ray Wylie is in his prime right now, and also like a fine whiskey, there’s no better antidote to a year-long pandemic!”

Terry Lickona

Hubbard says it himself during the show, that his music is an acquired taste. I am glad I acquired the taste. He is one of my favorite artists these days in telling a story and painting that into a perfect picture with his words and music. I love the way he shows in his music his many experiences through a lifetime of following his dreams and doing what he loves to do. You can see by the way his face lights up when he plays and sings,  that being up on the stage sharing his words to the world is truly his happy place.

During the set, RWH played his oldies like “Snake Farm”. He played music from his latest album, Co-Starring. He highlighted on songs he cowrote. “Drunken Poet’s Dream” a song he wrote with Hayes Carll and “Bad Trick” that was written with his wife and manager, Judy Hubbard.

I know there are many more songs left to write and Ray Wylie Hubbard has more stories to tell. I am grateful for the experience of having front row seats to his show, even if it was on my living room TV set. After the pandemic there will be time to see him live somewhere down the road. But today I am just having a really good day by getting to absorb his words and music in my own way.


January 23 2021

A Vaccinate State of mind.

One of the biggest stories that I have noticed in the last few days in our media is the Corona Virus Plan of our newest President, Biden. Say what you will, but yes he is still YOUR president. Even though I don’t have to like the way this all turned out, I have learned a thing or two about acceptance in my life time.

Things that stuck out to me are Biden’s plans to issue more vaccines, open schools, his tougher mask mandates, all in order to decrease the spread. His plans to do this all within his first 100 days in the oval office. This is great thinking, but is it really realistic?  The Trump administration also had plans in place to protect our country from the deadly virus. I know he did the best he could to stop the spread. I don’t think the virus cares which political party you are in. Republicans and Democrats are all exposed to the deadly threat. The threat doesn’t just happen in our country, but it is happening world wide. The issue is, that the virus can’t just be willed away. Unless you are one of those conspiracists that thinks that the virus is just some made up deal. If that is your thoughts, then you are stupid in my book.

I for one believe the virus is a real deal. I have real fears as most people should. How does it affect so many people in so many different ways? While one person dies of Covid, the next person only gets the sniffles, maybe a headache.

Whatever belief system you have, We as Americans, We as citizens of the Planet Earth, have got to do what we must to protect ourselves and others against this spread.

I recently attended a funeral for a friend. She didn’t die of the virus, she died of a heart attack. Although it saddened me to lose my friend, I know in my heart of hearts that she is better off than you or I. She is walking with Jesus this morning while I am home drinking cold coffee and writing this blog. I know I am getting off subject here, but my point in talking about the funeral is this. I was asked to stand at the door of the funeral home to ensure that everyone was wearing a mask. Now I know that masks are an inconvenience and that they are uncomfortable and don’t fit into what we think of as normal. I do not know if they help or not. I have to believe they might. Someone a whole lot smarter than me thinks they do help.

My mother has an appointment to get the first series of the corona vaccine this coming Monday. I have several friends and acquaintances who also have either scheduled appointments or have already got the shot. In the beginning, I didn’t think I wanted to go through with the vaccine, since I began researching it, today I don’t think that it is a bad idea. I mean it cannot hurt right?

Masks, Vaccines, Social distance is all part of doing our part. I do not see it as a way of Government control. If you do not want to do it for yourself, consider doing it for others. I mean If you had some other contagious cough or cold would you still go out in public? Not to mention go near your friends, family and/or loved ones?

So what if it is the idea of your newly elected Democratic president who may or may not have cheated. Guess what? Your most recent past Republican president already had ideas in place to ‘stop the spread’. It was under Trump that the scientists got started in creating the vaccine in the first place. It was created in record time. Time will tell if it works, but I do know this, It will not work if We as humans refuse the damn thing.

I am certain that God has a plan. I know one day I will see my friend in heaven again and that I too will walk with Jesus. I am just not wanting that day to be today, however, I will accept that fate if it is God’s will. I will consent to doing my part to ensure that neither myself or no one else gets the covid from me. If that means wearing my mask or standing six foot away because someone recommended it then just do it for your own damn good and the good of others. Don’t fear the vaccine. If you cannot do it for yourself, then do it for someone you love. Can you concur that Doctors and Scientists might know more than you? Unless, you people went and got your degree in pharmacology overnight. It doesn’t hurt anyone to take advice from others and believe that they may have a better handle on this current situation.

If it works it works, and if it don’t it don’t but at least you can say you tried. You can say, I did my part.


January 22 2021

Roll On

Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler), ”was written by Dave Loggins. The song is most known as a hit song by Alabama. The single was recorded by the group in November 1983. It was the groups 12th straight single to hit #1 on the Billboard Magazine’s Hot Country Singles Chart.

RCA Nashville released the song on the album Roll On in 1984. As I recall this was one of the first albums that I owned. At the time I was 9 or 10 years old. I was going to be a Truck Driver when I grew up. I loved all things related to truck driving and this song fit my criteria. It is still a great song today. It tells the story of a man only called “Daddy” who drives his truck for a living and supports his family who is at home often thinking of and supporting him as he is out on the road.

What is less commonly known is that Alabama’s version was not the first version of the song to be released. Randy Parton, brother of country superstar Dolly Parton, recorded the song in 1982. His version was also released by RCA.

Randy Parton was a singer-songwriter, actor and businessman. He was the 8th of Twelve Children. (Dolly Parton was the 4th out of the Twelve) Randy recorded music for the soundtrack to the movie Rhinestone, which his sister Dolly starred in. He also could sometimes be seen playing Bass in his sister’s band.  Randy Parton is also known for a theatre in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina that once bore his name. After Randy settled with the city due to a controversy and continued troubles, the city now owns the theatre. It is now known simply as Roanoke Rapids Theatre.

Randy Parton lost his battle to cancer and died yesterday January 21, 2021.

Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)” has also been covered by Aaron Tippin, David Alan Coe, and Saddle Tramps.

And Roll on Eighteen Wheeler… Roll on


January 21 2021

Dear Rodeo

At number 5 on the Texas Music Pickers Spotify charts this week is “Dear Rodeo” by Cody Johnson and Reba McEntire. Since the song has been on Spotify, the song has received almost 2 million streams.  

Cody was once a bull rider who gave up his career in rodeo to pursue his music. Reba was the daughter of a rodeo champion and grew up in and around the rodeo circuit.

Clark McEntire, Reba McEntire’s father, won three world championships in steer roping (1957, 1958 and 1961) and was reserve world champion in 1954. He was sometimes called “ropentire” by his peers for his cool head and his skill with the rope. For many years McEntire held the world records for fastest time on a single steer (14.5 seconds) and on five head. He won every major steer roping title on the rodeo trail, most of them more than once, including Cheyenne (1954, 1961) and Pendleton (1947, 1957-58).

In 1979, Clark McEntire was inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Reba McEntire’s song “Daddy” tells his story.

Cody Johnson, sometimes referred to as CoJo, started playing music and writing songs at an early age. After high school and a short stint at college, he followed the path of one of his heroes, Chris LeDoux. He joined the rodeo circuit and often sold albums out of his truck at the rodeo grounds. Due to injuries suffered in rodeo, Johnson left the circuit and began a career as a prison guard in Huntsville, Texas. While working there, he played clubs and bars on his days off and was able to piece together some hits on the Texas Charts.

He has came a long way in only a short time, releasing six self -released albums and since signing with Warner has released a major label album, Ain’t Nothin’ to It.

Dear rodeo

I’d be lying if I tried to tell you I don’t think about you

After all the miles and the wild nights that we’ve been through

Lord knows, we had a few

Dear Rodeo- performed by Reba McEntire and Cody Johnson. Songwriters: Cody Johnson/ Dan Couch

I have always had a place in my heart for rodeo and cowboy songs. The spirit of the American West is alive and well with Cody Johnson, and I am looking forward to discovering more of his music.


January 19 2021

Nine of the Best songs by Cross Canadian Ragweed

Well, I am still waiting for Texas Country’s lost sons, Cross Canadian Ragweed to reconcile and get their shit together and get over the resentments and decide to do whatever it takes get the best Red Dirt Group ever back together. While I wait, here is a list of nine of my favorite Ragweed songs.

9. Carney Man– I mean really didn’t every one in 1998 want to quit whatever they were doing to run away to join a carnival? No? Must be just me…

8. The President Song– There’s some great name drops in this song. Boland, John Wayne and Willie Nelson for starters. JESUS CHRIST is mentioned more than once. This wasn’t the only Cody Canada song that mentions his Christian faith. Oh and no more taxes.. ever? Hell yeah I’d vote for him for president.

7. Sick and Tired- As I got older, especially after I got sober the lyrics to this song took on a different twist. I was Sick and Tired of being sick and Tired. I loved Ragweed in my dive bar days and I appreciated the lyrics and the music even more once I could actually hear them for what they were.

6. Fightin’ For- Everyone has got something worth Fighting For.

5. Boys From Oklahoma- This was a sing along song. Growing up in Texas there was always a part of me in some unspoken rivalry with those Boys from Oklahoma.. Sure they rolled their joints all wrong.. Hell, In my book they did everything all wrong.

4. Too Far Gone- Just one of many love ballads the band pieced together. Easy to listen to. Easy to relate.

3. 42 Miles- I mean seriously, this guy is having a bad day. Truck broke down, the flies, the mechanic is late. I have been in this situation. If I could ever just get out of this hole..

Casey Donahew does a great cover version of this song, in Tribute to the music of Cody Canada and Cross Canadian Ragweed.

2. Constantly- is it a lovin’ song or is she leavin’? Either way, It’s one of Ragweed’s best.

1. 17- Ahh to be 17 again. I still know all the side streets and where to find the fun.. Cruisin’ around the old hometown. When I was there I couldn’t wait to leave. As a child I couldn’t wait to grow up. Now If I could get all of that time back.. Oh I probably wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Enjoy.. Hope this takes you back to somewhere like it did me.


January 18 2021

Wonder if The World Can Wait That Long?

Cross Canadian Ragweed was popular at the forefront of the red dirt and Texas music scenes, and still is one of the most notable names in Texas Country and the Red Dirt Genre. The Band formed in 1994 in Yukon, Oklahoma. The band members consisted of Cody Canada, Grady Cross, Randy Ragsdale, and Jeremy Plato. Then, after almost 15 years together, the group disbanded in 2010.

I for one would love to see the band reconnect at least to cut another album.. Maybe a reunion tour?

During the time together, Cross Canadian Ragweed did produce seven studio albums and three live albums together. Their music was well written. The band was just overall fun to listen to and even more exciting to watch at their many live concerts. I was lucky enough to see them live twice in their time together. Once in Odessa, Texas and once at Luckenbach near Fredericksburg, Texas.

Cody Canada, who was once the bands front man. Head singer/ songwriter/ guitarist. Is totally against the original band ever reuniting again. He has been more honest about the bands breakup in the last few years than he was back in 2010.

“It was a bloody mess. It was a nasty breakup. It was two guys that thought I was cheating on the this and that. And we had been buddies since we were kids, and it was just such a shitty breakup that I just can’t ever go back to that. Jeremy and I have been pals for a very, very long time, before I met the other dudes in Ragweed. And we just always seem to know what’s best for ourselves. And if we did that, we’d be going backwards. And I don’t think I could be on stage with somebody that sued me, ya know?”

CODY CANADA-  Source: Utah Concert Connection March 11, 2019

Canada is doing his own thing now. He is playing his music his way. In 2011, Cody Canada and Jeremy Plato formed a new band, initially called Cody Canada & the Departed.

The Departed saw some rocky starts and weren’t filling concerts the way Ragweed did in the beginning but today things have settled and Cody Canada is entertaining a large fan base just like he did in those early days.

Cody’s wife Shannon gave him some advice, Just play your songs your way and so far that piece of advice is working for him. Some might even say that he sounds better today than he did in 1994.

There may never be a reunion tour for Cross Canadian Ragweed. Until then we still have Cody Canada.

Wonder if the world can wait that long?