September 18 2020

About Us

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Hey, I am Cody Watson aka Pancho. Welcome to Under the Sound.

I work in the oil industry, and like to travel and try new things. I have now been sober for over 11 years. I am Married to a beautiful woman I’ll call Pinkie.  

Having always loved to write, I have had dreams of publishing and sharing my work. With Pinkie’s help,  this page is making that possible.

I grew up in the West Texas Oilfields to baby boomer parents who directly influenced my tastes in music.

My  taste in music  isn’t mainstream and to some, it could even be considered strange. I like country and folk rock, as well as blue grass and rock n roll.

I have always been interested in the development and root of the sound.  Who wrote the music? What place was the songwriter in originally? Why was it written?

I feel the utmost love and respect for the studio recording artist, but I also love the raw sounds of the original performance.

I want to share these topics with you as well as to show you where you can find this music.

I want to inspire and educate you, as I am educating myself on these principles.

Music has always had an important place in my life. A song on the radio can take my mind back to significant places and events in my life.

I am a collector of record albums, some I have had since childhood, others I have picked up somewhere along the way. My collection continues to grow as my tastes in music are continuing to develop.

I am amazed how one song leads to another and somewhere the sounds all mix together to form a perfect harmony.

My favorite past time is just to turn the music up loud and get lost in the song.