January 16 2021

American Kid

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Rich O’Toole’s Twitter account gives an accurate description of him, it reads Singer, Songwriter, Texan.

Yesterday this Houston native artist posted on Twitter that he had tested positive for the Coronavirus. He also posted himself in a video eating a raw onion. He was crunching the whole white raw onion as if one would eat an apple. He said he couldn’t smell it, nor taste it. Later he did the same with a Jalapeno pepper to the same effect. Of course, the pepper still got to him with it’s heating effect. Even though he couldn’t taste it, he felt the fire.

Kids, don’t try this at home…

Recent studies have proven that up to 80 percent of people who test positive for Covid have shown these symptoms of loss of taste and smell. These two signs are most likely in connection with each other as you can’t taste most foods without your sense of smell. The loss of taste and smell has become one of the primary warning signs that you should get tested for the virus if you are showing either of these symptoms.

O’Toole’s music is mostly upbeat. It fits into the Texas Country or Red Dirt genre. It is country and rock and Americana. He is a Texan and an American and that is reflected in the heart and soul of every song he plays.

The more songs I have listened to from this guy the more that I have liked his style. He has said recently that he wasn’t going to tour again until this year,(2021). If and when, things get back to normal. O’Toole has followed the recommended safe practices during this pandemic, yet he still came into contact with the rapidly spreading virus. I hope he will get well soon. I would bet he will. He has plenty more songs to write.

Back On My Bullshit.” Rich O’Toole called it his favorite song from his New York album last July in an interview with Justin Loretangely, who’s blog is called Pro Country.

The songs “American Steel,” and one of O’Toole’s singles, “American Kid” describe the kinds of things I like to do. Hit the highways to some unknown out of the way destination. During this Pandemic I have missed a lot of windshield time and the road trips that I love. To climb into my truck and turn up the music and just drive to see where I end up is probably one of my favorite pastimes. Rich O’Toole’s music will definitely be on my next road trip playlist.

I aim to catch Rich O’Toole down the backroads one of the days in the near future. I hope and pray to catch more live shows in 2021 than I ever have in the past. For now, we as fans need to do our part to support these artists by buying merchandise and music.

I long for the days of post pandemic and more music.


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