February 28 2021

Caprock Music

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Texas music has always held a special place inside of my soul. The music from and about my home state has always brought out special feelings and memories from somewhere deep inside of myself. More recently, I have refined my musical taste not only about Texas but from West Texas.

Songwriters like Charlie Stout, Cleto Cordero, John Baumann, and even Charlie Robison have written and sang about this unforgiving, rugged and rocky desert I have called home for most all of my life.

Recently I ran across a Lubbock based group, Mason and the Gin Line. In December of last year the band released their debut E.P. Caprock Composition.

The group has been influenced by country, rock and even thrash metal music, and are catalogued in the Texas Country or Red Dirt genre. The lead singer of the group, Mason Server, simply calls the groups style of music Caprock.

Mason Server and Blaze Butler first met up when Mason was in college and Blaze was finishing high school. Through playing gigs in and around music the two met Russell Jones. These three unique musicians spent the early parts of 2020, the year of the pandemic, to come together as a band. As they learned each other’s styles and sounds and began to write and record new music, this new Caprock Composition was born.

My favorite by Mason and the Gin Line thus far is “Pipeliner.” The song makes reference to my home, Odessa Texas, and other towns around the oilfields of the Permian Basin. Towns like Ozona and St. Lawrence are mentioned in the song.

In the article, Keep An Eye Out For Mason & The Gin Line | Whiskey Riff Whiskey Riff says this about Mason and the Gin Line:

their “West Texas country and rock & roll” style is phenomenal.

Whiskey Riff

I agree, what this group is doing through music and their way to tell a story within the lyrics of a song is praise worthy.  

Follow them on Spotify, iTunes, and Facebook, and Twitter. Mason and The Gin Line is a group that I will be following from here on out.

Multiple great musicians have come from the caprock area of Texas. These Lubbock sounds are so amazing to me. I am blessed to live near such a great hub for Texas country music. Looking forward to catching Mason Server and his Gin Line down the road. I cannot wait to hear what the band comes up with next.


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