January 11 2021

Robert Earl Keen, a Living Legend

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my very favorite Texas singer/songwriters, Robert Earl Keen. In my books REK is a living legend.

Robert Earl Keen was born January 11, 1956. He grew up on the southwest side of Houston, Texas. His father Robert Earl Keen Sr. was a geologist while his mother was an attorney.

From an early age, Keen excelled in literature and was an avid reader. After graduating high school at Sharpstown in 1974, Keen attended Texas A&M University. With a Bachelor of Arts in English, Keen graduated Texas A&M in 1978.

It was during his days in college station where he met fellow Texas singer/songwriter Lyle Lovett. Keen and Lovett would collaborate to write “The Front Porch Song.

The Front Porch Song” is still one of my favorite songs in Robert Earl Keen’s portfolio. I can listen to it over and over. I think it is an essential listen for anyone who is a fan of Folk and/or Americana music.

The song was first released in 1984 on Robert Earl Keen’s debut album, No Kinda Dancer.

Robert Earl Keen’s songs provide a perfect portrait of scenes from all across the Lone Star State and beyond. His songs never get old. His voice is easy to listen to. His songs are written with the skill of a proven storyteller. Not to mention the sensational bluegrass back -up band he has pieced together through the years. I still get mesmerized by the acoustics of his mandolins, guitars, and the occasional fiddle.

Since that 1984 debut album, No Kinda Dancer, Robert Keen now has nineteen records to his name. Every one of them as good if not better than the first.

To echo the words of my little brother, Luke, “I can always have a better day just by listening to Robert Earl Keen sing Corpus Christi Bay.

“I’ve known a whole lot of Bulls in my time and their work is never done”


There work is never done.


January 10 2021

In big old black and bloody letters, ten feet tall

Music has been used as a media for protest. It is a way to make a statement and share a point of view to the listener in a poetic setting. In certain Nations, there has been censorship of this outlet. It is a way to prevent the audience from hearing the message that the government deemed inappropriate.

Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction. The term “freedom of expression” is sometimes used synonymously but includes any act of seeking, receiving, and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.- WIKIPEDIA

Freedom is the reason I am proud to be an American. The Constitution protects the Freedom of speech. Freedom is the reason I continue to write.

Freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 19 of the UDHR states that “everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference” and “everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression.-WIKIPEDIA

Well, it’s only gonna be about an hour, friend

‘Til they dam your favorite river

So you can water-ski just one more reservior

And them supersonic ships are gonna take you

‘Cross a sea of pavement

To one more faceless brickyard on the shore

I never would have thought that in my lifetime, I would be seeing the censorship that I have seen this week in the United States of America. This week, our President, (Yes, he is still the president until noon Eastern Standard Time on January 20) was censored on the Social Media outlet called Twitter. Apple and YouTube have followed suit by blocking the popular social media app Parler and by removing certain videos that may support the ideas of this U.S. President.

Yeah, it’s only gonna be about an hour or so

‘Til they rip off all your mountains, boy

And that one last tired old eagle bites the sand

And all of that high-and-mighty scenery’s

Gonna be leveled to the ground, boy

By a bunch a’ them mindless strip mines on the land

I have expressed in the past my political stance which is neither here nor there where this article is concerned. What is the issue is the way that these large corporations have been able to come in and overstep the Constitution of The United States of America. I am appalled by the fact that the media has only reported half truths and the incoming administration, who has been under such scrutiny has continued to damage this already damaged nation through the ways they are handling the current crisis that has affected us all. The corona virus and the economy I will place at the top of the list.

So listen well, my brothers

When you hear the night wind sigh

And you see the wild goose flying

Through the gray, polluted sky

There won’t be no country music

There won’t be no rock ‘n’ roll

‘Cause when they take away our country

They’ll take away our soul

Through the United States Army, I served this great nation. I took the oath.

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. (So help me God).”

During my time in the service, Bill Clinton happened to be the President of the United States. Therefore, my Commander in Chief. I may not have liked him, I certainly didn’t vote for him, but I did follow his orders and the orders of the officers appointed over me because of the oath that I had made. Was Clinton any worse or better than the current administration? Seriously folks, President Donald Trump has 10 days left in office. I really don’t see how he is being blamed for inciting some sort of riot and even if he did so what?

We the people are also granted the right to protest and the right to assemble and those rights are also protected by our Constitution.

Well, it’s only gonna take about a minute or so

‘Til the junkyards fell the prairies, boy

And them smokin’ yellow grass fires start to burn

And the warnings on them beer cans

Gonna be buried in them landfills

No deposit, no sad songs, and no returns

“You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” Aaron Tippin once sang.I am singing right now that we as American’s have got to start standing together or we are going to fall and fall hard. The buttons that are being pushed by todays media are what has incited these riots. We the People are not sheep being led to slaughter. We the People have rights that are supposed to be protected by this government who is just as guilty of not upholding the Constitution as the protesters who turned to violence are guilty. The ideas that the left thought it was okay to march on some place like Portland Oregon but didn’t think that it was okay to march on Washington is not okay. It isn’t ok for any of us who choose to call ourselves American.

Yeah, it’s only gonna take about a minute or so

‘Til the factories blot the sun out

You gonna have to turn your lights on just to see

And them lights are gonna be neon, sayin’

“Fly Our Jets To Paradise”

And the whole damn world is gonna be made of styrene

We as Americans need to be American enough to keep our country free. This country has prided itself on being a country who doesn’t need assistance from anyone to survive. Why have we begun to rely on foreign trade and products from other places when we are perfectly capable of providing such products for ourselves?

Yeah, it’s only gonna be about a second, boy

‘Til they take away all’a this country

And they’ll tell you not to listen to this here song

And that far-off sound of freedom’s

Gonna be an echo from the past

And the final tune is gonna be sad and long

To Twitter, Apple, and YouTube:

Stop the censorship/ be kind to your fellow man/ have you ever taken the time to try and put yourself in somebody else’s shoes? What if the entire world suddenly traded in their iPhones for a Samsung? What if We The People founded our own social media site. What are you going to do when the people start streaming their music on other platforms?

And it’s only gonna be about an eye-blink, boy

‘Til they pull out the wool to blind us

So we just can’t read all the messages on the wall

But the only words that matter

Oughta be scribbled all over them billboards

In big old black and bloody letters, ten feet tall

In my book, the only words that matter are that we have to find Union and step away from the division that has been happening for so many years in this country. Respect those whom we made the oath too whether or not we happen to agree. We The People have a right to opinion, but we must respect other opinions that don’t necessarily align with our own.

So listen well, my brothers

When you hear the night wind sigh

And you see the wild goose flying

Through the gray, polluted sky

There won’t be no country music

There won’t be no rock ‘n’ roll

‘Cause when they take away our country

They’ll take away our soul

There won’t be No Country Music(There Won’t Be No Rock in Roll) – written and performed by C.W. McCall aka Bill Fries.


January 9 2021

Don’t let your babies grow up to pick guitars

“Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to pick guitars is what I said first.. I thought wait a minute and I changed it to cowboys.”


I learned via Fox News that his publicist, Jeremy Westby confirmed that Country singer/ songwriter Ed Bruce died on Friday of natural causes at his home in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Ed Bruce is famous for writing the iconic hit song, “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys.”  The song was co-written with his wife Patsy Bruce. His version of the song can be heard on a 1976 self-titled album published by United Artist Records. Bruce’s version reached number 15 on the Hot Country Singles charts in 1976.

Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys,” would become even more famous after Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings released the song on their 1978 duet album, Waylon & Willie. The Waylon/ Willie version peaked to number one in March of ’78. The song would spend a month at the top of the country charts. The song also earned a Grammy Award for the pair of outlaws for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

Willie Nelson’s version featured in the 1979 film The Electric Horseman which starred Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.

In 1994 Gibson/Miller band recorded a cover version of the song which was featured in the soundtrack for the movie The Cowboy Way. The Gibson/Miller version reached #49 on the charts.

Shooter Jennings recorded a version that appeared as the introduction to the Netflix Series, The Ranch.

My wife and I both agree that, “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” is one of the most memorable songs from our childhood. She recalled listening to the song with her brother J. on the way to “grandma’s house.” For me I think it was probably the first song that I remember knowing all of the words to. I recall singing the song along with the radio on family trips as well.

Members of the Western Writers of America chose the song as one of the top 100 Western songs of all time. -Wikipedia

Other songs in the Ed Bruce catalog are “My First Taste of Texas,” “You’re the Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had,” and “The Last Cowboy Song.”

You’re the Best Break This Old Heart Ever Had” saw the top of the country charts in 1982.

William Edwin Bruce Jr. Was born December 29, 1939 in Keiser, Arkansas. He first caught the attention of Sun Records owner Sam Phillips in Memphis, Tennessee where he wrote and recorded under the name Edwin Bruce. Ed Bruce did release many songs by himself but most of his success was through the songs he had written that were recorded by other people.

Ed would set his songwriting aside in the mid to late 80’s and turn to acting. He appeared in some made for TV films and hosted the shows, Truckin’ USA and American Sports Calvacade. With Stephen Seagal, Ed Bruce would appear on the big screen in the movie Fire Down Below.

Cowboys ain’t easy to love and they’re harder to hold

They’d rather give you a song than diamonds or gold

Lone star belt buckles and old faded Levi’s

And each night begins a new day

If you don’t understand him, and he don’t die young

He’ll probably just ride away

Songwriters: Ed Bruce/ Patsy Bruce

And If you don’t understand him, and he don’t die young, He’ll probably just ride away,


January 8 2021

New Music by Aaron Watson

Released today, Jan 8, 2021 Aaron Watson’s newest album American Soul. The full length album features 10 tracks including “Whisper My Name.” This first single off the album has already had over 2.5 million streams. The song plays tribute to Aaron Watson’s musical career beginnings.

I have been an Aaron Watson fan I guess since the days he made his start in the 1990’s as he worked his way around the honky tonks of West Texas.  I have met the man personally and have seen several of his shows. He is the real deal always putting his family and his Christian roots first in his life, yet still managing a productive and powerful music career. We share the same last name and although we are not related, I have been known to call him “cuz.” I once even talked him into letting me sit as his private table during a concert in Midland, Texas stating that I was his cuz.

I really jumped on board in appreciation of Aaron’s singing and songwriting through his album in 2002, Shut Up And Dance. The songs reminded me of the hell that life had begun to throw at me by then. Aaron Watson has a simple style that rings of the old time country sound that I love. I can relate to his songs about loss and love and the cowboy life. Aaron’s earliest musical influences were the songs he sang in church with his family, and the music of Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.

My favorite stuff by him comes from the Underdog album. My middle child and I used to play it and sing along to every song. I am looking forward to giving the new album a full listen. Aaron Watson is certainly not the “underdog” anymore.

I truly appreciate Aaron Watson. I have enjoyed watching him from his earliest beginnings and seeing what a star he is becoming today.


January 7 2021

Soldiers of Fortune

With the events of the last few days in politics, I have seen many posts from both sides of the “fence.” Social media, and all of the news channels have been flooded with he said, she saids. I really can’t see the fairness in the way that the situation has been handled by our government officials. The media seems to be only reporting personal opinion and not the whole truths.

During this entire election year, there has been plenty of controversy and conspiracies that have surfaced from both sides of the political spectrum. I have not agreed with much of anything either side has said lately. I do not know what to think about the protests, riots, looting, and chaos that have destroyed our American cities and has changed the way of life as we all know it.

Not to mention the corona virus and the up and down economy.

Something has got to change or we will lose what we have left as a nation.

And we’re bound for the border

We’re soldiers of fortune

And we’ll fight for no country but we’ll die for good pay

Under the flag of of the greenback dollar

Or the peso down Mexico way

Steve Earle’s “Mercenary Song” was one of his first songs. It is also one of his best songs. In the recent events, I was reminded of this great story song.

I see politics becoming more and more a fight for money, power, and overall control. Many politicians are doing what is best for them personally rather than what is best for the country as a whole.

In the days of Pancho Villa he had this to say on politicians:

“They spend their time discussing nonsense and stealing money that belongs to the people”

-Pancho Villa

The song also reminds me that If we don’t like something for the way it is, we CAN change it. Sure I have daydreams of leading a revolution. I seriously doubt I will act on it. Revolutions are however how nations are born. The United States was birthed many years ago when a group of people, tired of being oppressed, stood up against the British rule. Many nations before and even after began this way.

“We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it.”


We are given the right to protest. BUT we also must pay a price when it doesn’t go our way. There is consequence for when laws are broken. BUT if you are willing to stand up for what you believe in, you must be willing to accept the consequence.

Under the flag of the greenback dollar
Or the peso down Mexico way


January 3 2021

Seed of Triumph

Things are seemingly foggy this morning. Not in the sense of foggy weather, however foggy in my mind. Brain fog. It is like an overload of information that is all circling in my mind at such a high rate of speed by the time I reach in to catch a thought, the idea has passed. I catch the tail of this, the head of that. This jumbled up material in my brainstorming makes absolutely no sense to me or anybody else.

Still not feeling well today. I went to a doc in a box yesterday. I really felt like I had the corona virus and a brain tumor all at the same time. (Not that I would know what either felt like). I went through the process. Vitals ok, check. What are your symptoms? body ache, head ache, on a scale of 1-10 how great is the pain? 7. Ok check. What else? I have no energy. Ok so you are showing signs of fatigue? Yes. What’s your major complaint? Head ache, sinus pressure, body ache, fatigue. I had a coworker who told me that he had been exposed to the virus. His wife tested positive. He has since tested positive as well. Ok so you want a swab test? Yes. During the process my nasal cavity felt as if it had been violated. This was my second experience with this type of test. This time it hurt much worse than previously. After what seemed like an eternity, the result of the test came back. NEGATIVE. Also negative for strep, and the flu. The diagnosis was a viral infection. I was instructed to treat with over the counter medication, rest, and fluids.

I am grateful for the negative test. So people can still be just sick and not corona virus sick? This is all good news. I understand the corona is real and it is killing a huge rate of people all across the planet Earth. I also found out yesterday, my own daughter has the virus. I checked in with her today. Her symptoms are much the same as what I too am having. I would love to trade my negative for her positive.

I am a huge baby when it comes time for me to be sick. I can be needy and irritable and very selfish and self centered. My wife reminded me of this yesterday. She is suffering the same symptoms and has been for some time. I tend to blow her off. Sometimes I minimize her feelings. This is something that have recognized I need to work on.

“Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.”

– OG Mandino

If I have learned nothing else through this experience, I have learned how I need to treat others. This life is not all about me.

I read a Christian blog last night. I agreed with his idea that 2020 was the worst year ever because of the pandemic, because of the election, or the economy is a false notion. The same problems that happened in 2020 have been repeated in history countless times over. Sure I will state that 2020 was a bad year for us all. I have recently posted that 2021 will get better it has too. We have to get better. I can start by saying, I have to get better.

Let’s all laugh a little more, care for each other, show genuine and honest compassion for our fellow man.

In order to change the world, we must first start within ourselves.


January 2 2021

Stuff That Works

Stuff that works, stuff that holds up

The kind of stuff you don’ t hang on the wall

Stuff that’ s real, stuff you feel

The kind of stuff you reach for when you fall

Chorus: “Stuff That Works”. Written by Guy Clark and Rodney Crowell

If I could have written any song, I wish I would have written this one. “Stuff That Works” is a place that I can go when nothing else seems to be working. The song is about gratitude and appreciation for the things that we already have. How many times have I taken someone or something for granted only to later realize that I miss it/them when no longer around.

I got an ol’ blue shirt and it suits me just fine

I like the way it feels so I wear it all the time

I got an old guitar, won’ t ever stay in tune

I like the way it sounds in a dark and empty room

The song opens up with this verse. The old blue shirt. Perhaps Guy’s signature. Wrangler Denim. Faded cotton. On the Album cover of his debut album Old Number 1, there’s a painting done by Guy’s wife Susanna Clark of this “old blue shirt.” The shirt hanging alone offset in the portrait. On the album cover, a young Guy Clark stands proud near that painting wearing what else? “An Old Blue Shirt”

I have a shirt like this myself. It is most likely the most comfortable shirt that I own. I can think back to my childhood and recall my own father wearing similar shirts. The old blue shirt is stuff that works. I don’t suppose they have ever gone out of style. The shirt is worn and holds up to the times. I have seen the shirts worn by Welders and Cowboys, Mechanics, Country singers and regular guys like me.

I got an old pair of boots and they fit just right

Well I can work all day and I can dance all night

I got an ol’ used car and it runs just like a top

I get the feelin’ it ain’ t ever gonna stop

I have driven the same ol’ pickup truck since 2013. Sure I have to replace a transmission, serpentine belt and a water pump. More recently I got new brake drums and front rotors. I have wrecked it and repaired it. It still runs good and it gets me where I need to be. Sure I would like something a little newer, a little fancier. I had a pretty good offer not long ago when I thought I needed something new. The trucks I am looking for today, are the cost of what I think my house is worth! I don’t know how anyone can afford to drive the top of the line Ford or Chevy. Sometimes I feel jealous or envious but that is beside the point. Responsibly I chose to keep my “ol’ truck.” Hell it is paid for. I got the feelin’ it ain’t never gonna stop.

I got a pretty good friend who’s seen me at my worst

He can’ t tell if I’ m a blessing or a curse

But he always shows up when chips are down

That’s the kind of stuff I like to be around

I am usually a pretty likeable guy. I am easy to get along with. Mostly, I am non judgemental towards others. I like to think these are pretty good qualities about myself. I am blessed to have a few. Perhaps three or maybe four men that I can think of that fit this quality. “A pretty good friend who’s seen me at my worst.”

The man I consider my very best friend has a wife who likes to say that I have no filter. Yet even being filterless, he chooses to be my friend. I can talk to him about anything on my mind. Sometimes I don’t want to hear what he chooses to tell me back. He calls me on my bullshit. He can be as honest with me as I am with him. He gives sound advise based on his own experiences of this place we call life. I know he will be here until the end. Every time, I need him.

Friends for life are a treasure. Hold on to that.

I got a woman I love she’ s crazy, paints like God

She’ s got a playground sense of justice, she won’ t take odds

I got a tattoo with her name right through my soul

I think everything she touches turns to gold

Of course, when Guy wrote this line, he is talking about Susanna. Susanna was a brilliant painter. She was a friend to any and all. She had qualities that influenced many other singer/songwriters. Townes Van Zandt loved her as much as Guy himself did. Rodney Crowell and Steve Earl would later agree that a song wasn’t completely written until it had Susanna’s seal of approval.

I’ve got a woman I love. It took me many years and many women. This certainly isn’t my first marriage. I pray each day and work harder than I ever have on this relationship so that it will be my last.

We aren’t always perfect. Is anyone’s marriage perfect?

We try and try again. I met her many years ago and for many years, we were just friends. I think that our friendship is one of our biggest bonds. I could consider her in the previous verse she could also fit into that category of someone who has seen me at my worst. She makes me my best. When I am with her, I have the strength and the courage to do anything I set my mind to do.

We have a marriage that is strong because we work hard each day to put God at the center. We are learning to communicate, to listen to each other and to hold each other accountable. I knew from the moment I saw her that I loved her. I have worn that “Tattoo” across my soul for the last 12 years and I will wear that for the rest of my life.

Stuff that works, Stuff that holds up, That’s the kind of stuff I like to be around.


January 1 2021

Think I’ll stay it’s New Years Day

It’s New Year’s Day here on the border, and it’s always been this way

I never do the things I oughta, think I’ll stay, it’s New Year’s Day

It’s New Year’s Day here on the border, and it’s always been this way

I never do the things I oughta, think I’ll stay, it’s New Year’s Day

New Years Day” by Charlie Robison


Texas singer/ songwriter Charlie Robison wrote “New Years Day.” The song tells a story of a man who spends his New Years in a border town south of the border from Texas.

This song was released in 2004 on Robison’s Good Times album. The album was produced by long-time producer, Lloyd Maines. Besides being a quality producer, Maines is a steel guitar player and multi-instrumentalist. His music can be heard on countless recordings. Maines was inducted into the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame in Lubbock, Texas. In June 2014, He was inducted into the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame. Lloyd Maines has made more appearances on Austin City Limits than anyone else in the history of the program.

I have made it my own tradition to listen to Charlie’s song, “New Years Day,” every New Years Day since the song first came out.

I can relate to the story in the song. I too have spent a few of those days out on the border where instead of celebrating and sounding out “Happy New Years!” at the stroke of midnight, “Feliz Ano Nuevo” could be heard.

I was still in high school when I made my first border crossing at New Years. Across from Del Rio Texas was Ciudad Acuna, Mexico. The Corona Club in Acuna was one of the first places where I saw live performance from artists of the Texas Country music or “Red dirt” genres.

The Corona Club was also the first place I smoked a good cigar, something I still have an affinity for today. I have that on my plan later this day. Although I have given up the drinking and partying in Old Mexico, I have never given up cigars.  

In more recent years, my New Years has been spent on the border between Texas and Mexico at Terlingua, and Lajitas Texas. I recall the last time I was there spending the New Year at my buddy’s ranch near a great bon fire and underneath the biggest darkest skies in all of Texas. It was cold, most likely the coldest I have ever been, oh but so worth the experience. If you ever get to travel to the Big Bend regions of Texas, don’t miss the opportunity.

This New Years I stayed home. I was in bed before midnight. I made the statement earlier in the day to some coworkers that I wasn’t even planning on staying up to ring in the year. My coworkers response to this was that I must be getting old. Yes, I am a little older, a little wiser. Well, I didn’t get my wish to sleep through the ball drop. Unfortunately, last night, the neighborhood was lit with fireworks. I was mostly irritated because the noise scared my pets. At midnight, the noise outside sounded like cannon fodder raining down from the heavens. Come on people, RESPECT! Animals are truly fearful of fireworks. FIREWORKS are against the law inside the city limits. Not to mention how dry everything has been recently, fireworks cause fire! I disagree with the sale of them on New Years.

I so do wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2021. The world has gone mad. I have the hopes that 2021 will be a better year for us all. I am thankful for the sounds of silence in this cool crisp morning. I am reflecting on what was and what is to come.

I hope for some better times and more fun filled New Years Days on the border in my future. I have still got a few ghosts to chase.


December 31 2020

Wake Up America

As I write this, there is less than 7 hours in this 2020.

Oh what a strange and wild year this has been. First, I learned of the corona in March of this year. Only weeks after my Wedding. We traveled into New Mexico because I wanted to be wed in Lincoln County. I originally asked her to marry me at the state line between Texas and New Mexico and since we have been together New Mexico has been our home away from home. Don’t get me wrong I’ll always call myself TEXAN, but I do love the New Mexico landscape. Sandy desert and sage and cactus and rock and in a matter of minutes I can view the most lush and beautiful evergreen and the majestic snow- capped peaks.

Besides the “rona” there has been crazy times even somewhat scary times. Our economy has been unstable. The politics of this country have been insane. 2020 was an election year. I voted too. Everybody has a point of view. All have picked sides. Ok I will say it. I voted Republican. I had my reasons. And the Democrats have their own. I truly don’t care who you voted for because it was your right and your freedom. I am not here to justify or debate my own reasons. The Republican party claims that the Democrats cheated. That things are not being fair. The Democrats are blaming the Republicans for everything that has gone wrong. The way the government has handled the virus, the economy. It doesn’t really matter. What is done is done. Right now we need a solution not more pollution. Until the left and the right can see through the same pair of glasses my fear is that the struggles will continue. I am proud of my country. I served this Nation. I am not proud of the way Americans are acting today. Things have got to get better. Things WILL get better. How can they not. If they don’t we are all gonna be screwed it will not matter anyway. We will probably all end up dead or worse. In a bloody battle to the end of time. Only the strong, only the chosen will survive. Does anyone remember Earl Pitts? “WAKE UP AMERICA!”

As I write this, I have faith. Faith in our nation. Faith that the virus will become controllable. Faith in the great state of TEXAS and New Mexico. Faith in the Republicans and the Democrats. Faith that one day we will all just get along again Most importantly I have faith that GOD has a plan.

Enough of my rant….

As I write this, I have gratitude for the life I am building. I am grateful for God, Country, and my Sobriety. As of May 19, 2021, I will have 12 years sober. This New Years Eve is my 11th New Years to be sober. I am grateful for the music and the ones who make it. I am grateful for the release and the escape that music has given me from these troubled times.  As I write this, I am grateful for the friends and my family. MY FAMILY- a loving, tolerant wife. Two beautiful daughters and a son. A mom and dad who are still active and alive. Wonderful in laws. Countless cousins, aunts, and uncles. As I write this, I want to thank each of you who have taken time to read and support this blog in these trying last few months.

As I write this, I want to wish each of you the happiest of New Years. I hope you all can be safe and healthy this New Year’s Eve. I hope each of you can be reminded of what you can be grateful for as well.

Wake Up America,


December 29 2020

Songs about home

The Panhandlers is my favorite musical group of 2020.

Four seasoned Texas Country musicians who make up this group from the flatlands of West Texas, William Clark Green, Cleto Cordero, Josh Abbott and John Baumann. All four of them make great music by themselves but the four of them together is a phenomenal sound.

My current favorite song is “West Texas in My Eye.” I cant stop hearing this rolling around in my head!

Where the Llano Estacado rises up into the sky I ain’t crying that’s West Texas in my eye

There entire debut album is world class, and the entire album is themed around my home. West Texas.

My pick for album of the year is The Panhandlers.

There is talk of a second album coming out in 2021.

Josh Abbott tweeted today:

“Covid ruined our entire debut tour”

Josh Abbott from Twitter

The band is planning shows in Lubbock, Amarillo, El Paso, Marfa, and Alpine at some point.

I hope I can catch up with them live sometime sooner than later.

This Covid has got to pass!

Sunny 69 degree day here at home today. There is a forecast of snow tomorrow night. I have always heard “If you don’t like the weather in West Texas wait a minute and it will change.”

Maybe the snow will run the Covid to the ground! The West Texas sunshine sure hasn’t beat it. Keep your heads up and keep moving forward. With the vaccines and the new medical treatments I know we are going to beat this thing!

I ain’t crying that’s West Texas in my eye.