July 4 2021

Dallas says Jagneaux is Jag YES

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When you think of Dallas what comes to mind? The third largest city in Texas- A city that never closes coupled with Ft Worth and surrounding suburbia to create the DFW Metroplex? Perhaps the big blue star of the Dallas Cowboys comes to your mind? Maybe you are old enough to remember Dallas as a popular evening TV soap opera- Who shot J.R.?

As of today, July 4th, “Dallas” is the newest single by Lucas Jagneaux & The Roadshow. The song released on all social media platforms today at Midnight. “Dallas,” is a highway song- it is a song about doing whatever it takes to get back to the one you love. The music and lyrics were penned by Lucas Jagneaux and Tobin Bruce Jagneaux- Jagneaux (Pronounced) Jag- No. I appreciate the way these two are able to pull me into to the storyline of a song and hold me on every word. In this particular single It felt as if I was along for the ride barreling down the Interstate and headed to the metroplex with them. I want to personally plead with this girl to give the boy another chance. – With these two Jagneaux on board as song writers, I say that Jagneaux is pronounced Jag-Yes.

I began listening to the Roadshow after the groups previously released single, “The Worst Thing about Texas,” caught the attention of many. I was referred to listen by my Twitter buddy, accomplished singer/songwriter Seth Jones. As I have previously stated, Jones says about Lucas Jagneaux and The Roadshow, “They Deserve Big Stages.” I see that it has come to that, Lucas Jagneax and his Roadshow have begun to build a loyal following and fan base in the Texas Music Scene. This Independence Day weekend, the Roadshow is playing deep in the heart of Texas Country Music, making appearances on the stage of the famed Gruene Hall.

Dallas” is a song that will pull them over the top. These Louisiana boys are becoming a household name in The Great State of Texas.


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    1. By Cody Watson (Post author) on

      Thanks for reading! Writing is my pleasure when I am writing about music that I love.

  1. By Linda Fowler on

    So proud of the band. My son in law is sterl guitar player with tge band. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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