July 13 2021

Guitar Practice Over

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So, I did a thing a few weeks ago- I went to the local music store and bought myself a guitar. I got one of those starter sets that came with everything- the guitar, the strap, the tuner, the gear bag, a few picks- I have thought many times I want to learn how to play- just to pick a few chords, maybe strum a song. I have tried before to learn but got all flustered and lost my patience. So now I am older, and I feel I have more patience not to mention more time to do something for me- something I enjoy.

I bought a Yamaha Acoustic by the way- I keep hearing Steve Earle’s voice in my head- “Everybody told me you can’t get far On thirty-seven dollars and a Jap guitar.” Hey, I am pretty proud of this Jap guitar. Honestly, I don’t think I could have got a better deal on a quality guitar.

Here’s the deal, I mean if you are trying to find patience in your life, try to teach yourself to pick a guitar. One minute I feel like man I am really getting this thing and the very next everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

SO, did I mention that the starter set came with everything? Well, it lacked patience, it lacked the thousand beginner YouTube videos that all say I can be a star in only a short while. Each video shows you how to do something a little different- Not to mention- Just last night as I sat down with a real live human, and he told me how to play in a way that was completely opposite of what those videos were all teaching.

The starter set also lacked the new fingertips to replace the ones that have been so sore after each night of trying to get the perfect sound to ring out.

Guy Clark Croons out something about those strings in one of his songs, “Playin’ Black Diamond Strings

Black Diamond Strings Are like white flour and grits”

I think I would rather describe my strings like cactus thorns and jalapeno peppers being impaled into my skin with shards of hot glass- Just Saying.

I learn a few chords today, then I forget them by tomorrow, so I relearn them then I try to switch from say an A to an E and I end up in some twisted F sharp or something- practice- practice- practice. I was way outta tune on the Big Fat E string and I go to tune tune tune and practice practice practice and blam I am outta tune again- and Zing the Big Fat E string breaks and crap! Now that is something else I need to mention is the super beginner starter set didn’t come with any spare strings and so practice is over for the present and I guess the lessons in patience begin again.

I will get new strings and back to work at it tomorrow- Never give up! When all else fails- keep on strumming.


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