January 8 2021

New Music by Aaron Watson

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Released today, Jan 8, 2021 Aaron Watson’s newest album American Soul. The full length album features 10 tracks including “Whisper My Name.” This first single off the album has already had over 2.5 million streams. The song plays tribute to Aaron Watson’s musical career beginnings.

I have been an Aaron Watson fan I guess since the days he made his start in the 1990’s as he worked his way around the honky tonks of West Texas.  I have met the man personally and have seen several of his shows. He is the real deal always putting his family and his Christian roots first in his life, yet still managing a productive and powerful music career. We share the same last name and although we are not related, I have been known to call him “cuz.” I once even talked him into letting me sit as his private table during a concert in Midland, Texas stating that I was his cuz.

I really jumped on board in appreciation of Aaron’s singing and songwriting through his album in 2002, Shut Up And Dance. The songs reminded me of the hell that life had begun to throw at me by then. Aaron Watson has a simple style that rings of the old time country sound that I love. I can relate to his songs about loss and love and the cowboy life. Aaron’s earliest musical influences were the songs he sang in church with his family, and the music of Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.

My favorite stuff by him comes from the Underdog album. My middle child and I used to play it and sing along to every song. I am looking forward to giving the new album a full listen. Aaron Watson is certainly not the “underdog” anymore.

I truly appreciate Aaron Watson. I have enjoyed watching him from his earliest beginnings and seeing what a star he is becoming today.


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  1. By Pepper on

    “Whisper My Name” is pretty catchy. I could see myself dancing to that one. Thank you for sharing these songs with us! 🙂


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