January 14 2021

On the Road Again

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Rolling Stone reported today that Willie has gotten his COVID vaccination. I made light of their post on Twitter humorously saying on my Re-tweet that Willie is probably more immune to most things that would kill normal people.

Willie has always been larger than life in my eyes. His music has made him immortal, as the music that he has already recorded will live on forever. Some of those songs have gotten me through the best of times and the worst of times. His songs have always comforted me when I was sad and have kept me company when I felt alone. I don’t know how many miles I have driven hearing his voice on the car stereo. His music has healed my soul through sickness, depression, divorces and all the other problems I have encountered in my life. Willie’s music has also been there for me to turn up and just kick back and let the good times roll.

Willie received the Moderna vaccine in Cedar Park, Texas. He qualified for the vaccine as he is 87 years old and suffers from COPD. His sister and the piano player in the family band, Bobbie Nelson, also got a Moderna brand vaccine recently. Bobbie is now 90 years old.

The last time Willie Played a live show was at the Houston Livestock Show last March. He is hoping that the vaccine will soon do its job for him and the many others it has become available to. His plans are to be back on the road again by late August or September of this year.

For now, Willie has been working on several projects at home. There is talk of an album by Willie Nelson and his sons Lukas and Micah.

Willie told Rolling Stone that the vaccine left his arm a little sore but he was happy to be doing his part.

I can’t wait until he is on the road again


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