June 21 2021

O’Toole Nominated at Deep In The Heart

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Deep in The Heart of Texas Film Festival is returning to the Waco Hippodrome, Waco, Texas, July 22-25, 2021.

The festival is an event that brings film makers and the Waco Community together to experience movies, educational sessions, and networking parties. One of the slogans of the festival states “We bring quality, artistic film to Waco.”

Besides Film, the festival also has a competition for Best Music Video. 18 videos have been nominated for 2021 of these nominees, 3 of the videos will be selected at the festival as the absolute best.

I am beyond honored to be nominated for “Best Music Video” at Deep In The Heart Film Festival…

Rich O’Toole via Twitter

Rich O’Toole’s newest video from his single, “17 Wild Horses” has been nominated for this event.              

O’Toole Tweeted today: “I am beyond honored to be nominated for “Best Music Video” at Deep In The Heart Film Festival I had the privilege to work with Playlist Films on this bad boy. Great work guys!”

I am beyond excited for Rich O’Toole. I love the song and this video is amazing. The video was shot at CK Reid’s ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. The Reid Ranch is responsible for all of rough stock used for the bucking arena at Billy Bob’s Texas. For sure there are some wild horses on that range. The video also provides the most picturesque views sharing some of the beauty of this great State of Texas. The “17 Wild Horses,” video was directed by Kasey James and Ted Borel of Playlist Films.  

I want to congratulate Rich O’Toole for this nomination and although I have not seen all of the other videos, I believe that Rich and his team from Playlist did the very best on this one of a kind video and I will be rooting for it to take the win in Waco.


June 20 2021

Ray Wylie Hubbard- Elder Statesman

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Yesterday, I traveled to Lubbock once again, along with my wife. At the conclusion of this road trip on Saturday night, I have successfully checked off another item from my Bucket List. My Wife, Brother and Sister-in-Law also attended Ray Wylie Hubbard’s acoustic performance with me at the historic Cactus Theater.

Ray Wylie is considered to many, present company included, as an “Elder Statesman” of the Texas Music Scene. At last nights show, as well as this “Elder.” A younger Hubbard version, Ray Wylie’s own son, Lucas Hubbard shared the spotlight with him.

Lucas Hubbard amazed the crowd throughout the show. His mad skills on the guitar did not go unnoticed. He displayed intricate finger plucking as well as huge guitar riffs that equaled some of the best blues musicians I have ever heard. Now in his mid-twenties, Lucas Hubbard has been perfecting this craft since he was barely able to pick up a guitar. He was able to keep up with Ray’s setlist which included old favorites such as “Snake Farm,” “Redneck Mother,” and “Screw You We’re from Texas.”

The set also included some newer songs like his cowrite with Hayes Carll, “Drunken Poets Dream.” Ray also played songs from his most recent album, Co-Starring.

Yesterday was a perfect performance by one of the greats. I am glad I got to witness it with my own two eyes and hear Ray Wylie Hubbard’s music live with my own two ears. It is a night I shall not ever forget.


June 18 2021

Guy Forsyth- Conspirators

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I recently read in a Facebook group that I follow, “Texas Singer Songwriters Place,” that Guy Forsyth did close to 200 free internet shows during the pandemic.

Guy Forsyth isn’t new to the Texas music scene, he has been based out of Austin since packing up all his belongings and moving from Colorado in 1990. Since then, Guy has recorded at least 20 albums and has played his mix of country, folk and blues music across the globe.

“I learned yoga in the park, the community can take care of itself”

Guy Forsyth

“I learned yoga in the park, the community can take care of itself,” Guy Forsyth says on his website. Forsyth feels at home on a stage as easy as he does by helping others. He is a firm believer in community projects and that working together brings about happier times. When Guy is in Austin, he often works with veterans. He is a Thai Chi instructor and has been giving free lessons to anyone who wants to learn for the past 10 years. Forsyth goes into schools to teach music -anything from how to play music to writing lyrics. He teaches children that to play, that they must first understand that the magic begins inside of them.

Guy Forsyth has won awards for his music including, Austin Male Vocalist of the Year Award in 2005 and the Austin Chronicles has voted him the best blues band for several years running.

This craftsman of song, also finds the time to stay a family man. Forsyth is the proud father of 2 daughters.

Guy Forsyth has now begun to pick and sing once again at live venues in and around Texas and deserves some love from his fans. We can give something back to this guy named Guy just as freely as he shares love with others.

Guy Forsyth along with Jeska Bailey have a new album out on Amazon Music, Conspirators. Here is a link to order now https://www.theconnextion.com/guyforsyth/guyforsyth_index.cfm


June 16 2021

Travis Roberts- New Panhandle Sounds

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Last Saturday night, my friends Mason & The Gin Line paired up with this young up and coming musician at the Goldenlight Cantina in Amarillo. Next Saturday night, Travis Roberts will release his newest single on Spotify, “This Too Shall Pass.”

“Look out for this guy y’all.  Playing with Travis was a damn pleasure last night.”

Mason & The Gin Line

From what I have of heard of Travis Roberts music, and what Mason & The Gin Line reported about it via Facebook, and Twitter, it was a shame to have missed the show.

“Look out for this guy y’all.  Playing with Travis was a damn pleasure last night.” posted Mason & The Gin Line last Sunday.

The feelings were obviously mutual as Travis Roberts replied, “Mason & The Gin Line Will Rock Your Face Off- Everytime.”

Mason & The Gin Line Will Rock Your Face Off- Everytime.

Travis Roberts

This statement by Travis I can personally testify too. Seeing Mason & The Gin Line live a few weeks ago is a treasure I shall hold on to for many moons to come. I am happy to have developed a personal relationship in such a short time with such a wonderful group of men- on and off the stage. I was doubly happy today as my wife has become a fan of this band as well. She was jamming to all of their tunes just this afternoon on her own accord.

I would like to catch a Travis Roberts show soon. I am also looking forward to his newest song. I will be watching for it to drop on Saturday. Pre Save “This Too Shall Pass” now on Spotify by using this link – https://t.co/mtcspztD4i?amp=1

Here is a sample of some of Travis Roberts Stuff. I understand the damage that drinking caused in my own life. I know the battles I have faced in order to restore the wreckage of my past. Speaking from my own personal experiences and as someone who regularly attends 12 step meetings in order to maintain my own sanity and sobriety. I can totally relate to the lyrics that Travis Roberts is putting down in this song called, “Cabin Fever.”

“Cabin Fever,” was Travis Roberts debut single. This talented musician began playing and performing at a young age through his church choir.

Travis is based in Amarillo at the Top of The Texas Panhandle. Many great singer/songwriters of our time are based in this Cap-Rock country and the backdrop makes the perfect scene for a Texas Country Sound. Shout out to Travis Roberts and cheers to a long and successful career in Texas Music.


June 15 2021

Ol’ Waylon We Love You and Miss You

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It was on this day, June 15, that the original outlaw, Waylon Jennings was born. Waylon was born in Littlefield, not far from Lubbock, Texas in 1937. Waylon’s heritage was of Irish and Black-Dutch on his father’s side and Cherokee and Commanche Indian from his mother’s side. The name officially on his birth certificate was Wayland, but his mother later changed the spelling to Waylon.

“I didn’t like Waylon. It sounded corny and hillbilly, but it’s been good to me, and I’m pretty well at peace with it right now.” Waylon Jennings would write in his autobiography.

“I didn’t like Waylon. It sounded corny and hillbilly, but it’s been good to me, and I’m pretty well at peace with it right now.”

Waylon Jennings

I guess there isn’t a time that I have ever heard the name Waylon without thinking first of this superstar and a father of the Outlaw Country movement. I was first introduced to Waylon through my parents taste in music. I have been a fan of his music I reckon all of my life.

When Waylon Jennings was only eight years old, his mother taught him how to play the guitar. The first song he learned to play was, “Thirty Pieces of Silver.” Waylon’s first guitar was a Stella. By age 14, Jennings was performing around the local area and even had begun to play his brand of Bluegrass and Country on local television. By age 16, Waylon was a high school dropout. Around this time, He played on the radio station KDAV it was here where he began playing with rock sensation Buddy Holly.

The radio station KLLL in Lubbock hired Waylon Jennings as a radio Disk Jockey. During Waylon’s time at KLLL he produced radio jingles and began making public appearances. It was at one of these appearances that Buddy Holly’s father, L.O. Holley, requested that Waylon play Buddy Holly’s record on the radio. Buddy Holly had a desire to begin producing artists himself and visited Jennings at the KLLL station. Waylon Jennings was outfitted with new clothes and Buddy Holly arranged a session for him in a recording studio in Clovis, New Mexico. The songs “Jole Blon” and “When Sin Stops (Love Begins)” were recorded by Waylon at this session. The songs include Buddy Holly and Tommy Allsup on guitar and also feature King Curtis work on the saxophone.  Waylon Jennings and Tommy Allsup along with a drummer named Carl Bunch were soon recruited by Buddy Holly to be his own backup band for the upcoming Winter Dance Party Tour. It was while on the Winter Dance Party Tour, that Buddy Holly was tragically killed in a plane crash just after playing a show at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.

Waylon often blamed himself for the death of Holly. He would later write and record, “The Stage (Stars in Heaven)” as a tribute to Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens who lost their lives that cold winters night.

In 1966, Jennings released his debut album, Folk-Country, under the RCA label. Waylon soon became dis-satisfied with the Nashville establishment. Ladies Love Outlaws, was the first significant hit for Jennings in 1972 and was Waylon’s first approach to outlaw country. Jennings felt that Nashville had become too caught up with a new sound called “Countrypolitan.” He felt that he had lost creative control of his own music. Recording in Nashville he wasn’t even allowed to record with his own band. The orchestral arrangements of the music by the record producers, and the recording companies demands to bring in so called professionals to play backup on his albums took their toll on Waylon Jennings. “They wouldn’t let you do anything. You had to dress a certain way: you had to do everything a certain way…. They kept trying to destroy me…. I just went about my business and did things my way…. You start messing with my music, I get mean.” Waylon once told an interviewer.

They wouldn’t let you do anything. You had to dress a certain way: you had to do everything a certain way…. They kept trying to destroy me…. I just went about my business and did things my way…. You start messing with my music, I get mean.”

Waylon Jennings

It was 1972, when Willie Nelson had found success with Atlantic Records after re-negotiating his own contract to allow him more creative control that persuaded RCA to rethink their own contract with Jennings. This was the major turning point for Jennings career and the following year he released released Lonesome, On’ry and Mean and Honky Tonk Heroes.

Wanted! The Outlaws, considered to be the debut of Outlaw Country was released in 1976. This album featured Waylon, Willie Nelson, Jessi Colter and Tompball Glaser. The album was the first country album to become platinum certified for reaching over one million sales. Wanted! The Outlaws, reached No. 1 on the country charts and peaked at No. 10 on the pop charts. Two singles from the album featuring Waylon Jennings peaked at No 1 and 2 on the charts, “Suspicious Minds” and “Good Hearted Woman.”

Summertime blues brings a happy roar and the crowd cheers loud as they holler for more.- Waylon Jennings

Today on Twitter Paula Nelson Tweeted- “ We love you and Miss You.” As did many others who remembered Waylon on his birthday. Waylon Jennings may have gone too soon but through his fans his music will live forever.

Ol’ Waylon, We love You and Miss You.


June 13 2021

Del Rio and Devil’s River- Mando Salas

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Mando Salas turned 27 today. This talented musician has one of the biggest, deepest, and coolest voices of the newer musicians in the Texas scene that I have begun to follow. He also has one of the biggest hearts. I have seen several mentions of him on Twitter, calling him the nicest guy ever.

Mando is always promoting others and putting their music and careers in front of his own desires for fame. There is a saying that says, “You’ve got to give it away to keep it.” Mando Salas is keeping it real! I have spoken to him a few times via messenger. I follow him on Twitter and on Facebook. We share a lot in common and both of us love to swap stories about this great State of Texas. He is one of those guys that although I have not yet met in person, I feel that we have a real connection and friendship. The feeling he gives me is as if we have known each other our entire lives.

Currently, Mando Salas and his wife Chelsea live in the Dallas area, but Mando is originally from Del Rio, Texas. This chihuahuan desert atmosphere comes out in much of his music. Mando Salas is a fisherman and an avid dove hunter.

“Del Rio,” Mando told me was the third song he had ever written, is in my eyes one of his best. Most Recently the talk on Twitter has been about his song “Devil’s River.” After Hippies and Cowboys Podcast has helped to spread it’s love around.

You can also find his music on Spotify by following his album Forever. I do not think you will find a bad song amongst this collection.

Salas has been recently recording his newest album and I am patiently waiting for the end results. This guy is going to make it big one day and I am just glad that I am along for this ride.

Once again, I want to give Mando Salas a shoutout on his birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños Amigo!


June 12 2021

Ramblin’ about Zach Welch

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With over 1800 monthly listeners following him on Spotify and his songs like “Too Drunk To Try” with over 1200 streams, I would say that people are beginning to notice this talented singer/songwriter. Zach Welch calls himself “Semi-Professional on Twitter.” His stats prove otherwise. Earlier this week, Zach responded on Twitter, “We’re just a little family operation but we do what we can.” For a family operation, this music sounds very much professional.

Besides Zach’s upbeat tempos and unique voice, I often relate to the catchy lyrics in Zach Welch songs. My favorite thus far by him is, “Drunken’ Ramblins’ of A Hopeless Romantic.”

In this song, Zachary Cole Welch wrote and sings lyrics like:

“If I was a rich man I’d probably buy myself a wrasslin ring”

“and I know most of my ideas are pretty stupid”

“But I’m holdin’ the gold every night when I’m holdin’ you.”

Drunken’ Ramblins’ of A Hopeless Romantic,” appears on Welch’s latest album, Punchy Shirts and Broken Hearts. I appreciate all nine tracks on this album that was produced by Ethan James- Lorinza Whitaker at 301 productions.

Some of the songs on the album carry a Parental Advisory for explicit lyrics, but I believe Zach Welch only uses his profanity in song as a description of how he feels. The words help to portray his stories throughout his songs.  

Prior to releasing Punchy Shirts, Welch released an acoustic album titled 254 days. This album was also well received. Zach Welch writes his songs about real life situations. His Twitter bio states that all of these stories in his songs are true to his own life.

I certainly can relate to many of Zach’s true life experiences in the places and things that I have done. Zach Welch has made a fan out of me and I implore you to go listen and follow this man as well. Zach Welch’s sound may be just a little different than what some would call country, but his music holds true to country roots, I can’t wait to see just how big this Z. Welch tree is going to grow.


June 9 2021

No Ace In The Hole, Midnight

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It has been over 21 Hours since Flatland Cavalry Tweeted: No Ace In The Hole, Midnight. I just got a chance to listen to this brand new song.

My first impressions of the music were the guitar rifts that sounded as If an Indian Warrior was chanting in preparation for his next battle. At three minutes into the song a haunting fiddle joined in. My mind instantly shifted to those fiddle soloists of yesteryear, players like the Charlie Daniels Band.

I enjoyed the overall tune and the chorus of the song which sings, “No Ace in the Hole only Jokers on your side.. You’ve got more to lose than just your pride.” The song was written by Cleto Cordero, Jason Albers and Reid Dillon.

Since his career beginnings I have admired Cleto as a songwriter. Cleto Cordero is the lead singer and primary songwriter of the band Flatland Cavalry. I really got heavy into Cleto’s style of writing last year, while in the middle of the Pandemic, I fell in love with the band the Panhandlers. The Panhandlers is a super group made up of Texas Native singer/songwriters. Besides Flatland Cavalry’s Cleto Cordero, the other members of the Panhandlers are Josh Abbott, John Baumann, and William Clark Green.

Besides Cleto Cordero, I have been unfamiliar with these other writers of “No Ace in the Hole,” Jason Albers and Reid Dillon. Albers is the drummer; Dillon is the guitarist for Flatland Cavalry. I recently read that these three have a long history of playing and making songs together. Cordero and Albers began playing together in my own hometown of Midland, Texas while the two were still in Jr. High. Later the two would become roommates attending the local junior college, Midland College. Flatland Cavalry really began to take shape after the two moved to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech University in 2012. Cordero and Albers met Reid Dillon in 2014 and he has been a staple member of their band since.  

No Ace In The Hole” is Flatland Cavalry’s latest single.  The songs official release as a single was this morning at Midnight. Flatland Cavalry fans are filled with anticipation of a new album that comes out next month. Previously in preparation of the album Flatland has released singles “Some Things Never Change” and “Gettin’ By.”


June 8 2021

Heirlooms and Stories

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Just laying out some pieces of my family over time, Want to tell a story, a poem and make it rhyme- here’s one I have been working on just to pass my night. – Pancho.

There’s an old pair of horses’ shoes hangin’ by the stove

Dad said they once belonged to Papa Bill from the team he drove

Said he lived in Coleman and hauled the U.S. Mail

Wasn’t nothing to stop him then not the rain the sleet or hail

My mama tells a story about a man named Zack

He was my great grandpa, faught Pancho Villa Back

Pancho gave an Army Colt he hid away for years.

My mom has that old gun now it keeps away her fears.

On the wall hangs a rusty tool, years of disregard.

Paw Paw never talked about it, Always thought it hard

Upon it’s blade its marked the date of 1945,

Lost his youth In Iwo Jima, just glad to be alive

These old pieces, what makes a family strong.

The artifacts have kept for so long.

Their memories and stories, handed to each generation after

More than silver and gold, these times of tears and laughter.

June 8 2021

Jones/Hokit Make the World Go Round

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Seth Jones

Seth Jones has a knack for penciling the perfect words on paper and turning it into magic.  Jones composed this latest duet, “Forever On Your Flame.” Hannah Hokit takes the song the extra mile with her perfectly magical voice.

“HANNAH HOKIT’S VOICE GIVES ME LIFE” Tweeted Seth Jones earlier tonight on Twitter. Since I have been interacting with him, I am agreeable with Seth on about 99 percent of everything, this statement included.

“I thank God for this outlet and for the joy it brings me to step onto a stage and sing or sit and play my guitar.”

Hannah Hokit

Texas native, Hannah Hokit, is an accomplished songwriter herself. Her website lists her musical inspirations, and they range anywhere from Barney (yep the big Purple Dinosaur) to Frank Sinatra. Hannah wrote her first song at the age of 7. She thanks God for her strengths and the joy that entertaining others brings.

“I thank God for this outlet and for the joy it brings me to step onto a stage and sing or sit and play my guitar.” – Hannah Hokit via her webpage

Forever On Your Flame” was previewed last week on Nashville Skies in the UK. Today in the U.S. the single is available on Spotify. I am blessed to have been able to hear it and have added it to my playlist.

If you haven’t ever heard Hannah Hokit or Seth Jones music you are missing out. They are each fantastic on their own but together, they are solid gold.

It is said, that music makes the world go round. In my book these two rising stars help fuel the earth’s gravitational pull.