February 23 2021

Remember The Alamo

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Into the eve of February, 23rd Santa Anna’s Army began to arrive in San Antonio de Bexár. Prompted by their arrival, members of the Texan Army began to enter the Alamo, a building once a place of worship and refuge, was now heavily fortified. 

At the start of the siege, there were 18 serviceable cannons and approximately 150 men inside the Alamo.  When the Mexican Army arrived, a meeting was called by one Commanders, James Bowie, adventurer and known for knife fighting. Ever heard of a Bowie Knife? Bowie sent the chief engineer of the garrison, Green B. Jameson, to meet with the Mexican officials. During the meeting Santa Anna ordered his terms as surrender at discretion, meaning he had the sole decision of the Texan’s fate.

The second Alamo Commander, a 26-year-old William B. Travis answered for the Texan’s.  His answer came in the form a cannon shot from the 18-pounder cannon. 

The Siege of the Alamo had begun.

Upon Santa Anna’s orders a red flag was raised at the San Fernando Church. The flag signaled the General’s wishes. No quarter would be given. 

American Singer/ Songwriter/ Instrumentalist known professionally as Marty Robbins, tells the story well in song.

Remember The Alamo…


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