January 3 2021

Seed of Triumph

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Things are seemingly foggy this morning. Not in the sense of foggy weather, however foggy in my mind. Brain fog. It is like an overload of information that is all circling in my mind at such a high rate of speed by the time I reach in to catch a thought, the idea has passed. I catch the tail of this, the head of that. This jumbled up material in my brainstorming makes absolutely no sense to me or anybody else.

Still not feeling well today. I went to a doc in a box yesterday. I really felt like I had the corona virus and a brain tumor all at the same time. (Not that I would know what either felt like). I went through the process. Vitals ok, check. What are your symptoms? body ache, head ache, on a scale of 1-10 how great is the pain? 7. Ok check. What else? I have no energy. Ok so you are showing signs of fatigue? Yes. What’s your major complaint? Head ache, sinus pressure, body ache, fatigue. I had a coworker who told me that he had been exposed to the virus. His wife tested positive. He has since tested positive as well. Ok so you want a swab test? Yes. During the process my nasal cavity felt as if it had been violated. This was my second experience with this type of test. This time it hurt much worse than previously. After what seemed like an eternity, the result of the test came back. NEGATIVE. Also negative for strep, and the flu. The diagnosis was a viral infection. I was instructed to treat with over the counter medication, rest, and fluids.

I am grateful for the negative test. So people can still be just sick and not corona virus sick? This is all good news. I understand the corona is real and it is killing a huge rate of people all across the planet Earth. I also found out yesterday, my own daughter has the virus. I checked in with her today. Her symptoms are much the same as what I too am having. I would love to trade my negative for her positive.

I am a huge baby when it comes time for me to be sick. I can be needy and irritable and very selfish and self centered. My wife reminded me of this yesterday. She is suffering the same symptoms and has been for some time. I tend to blow her off. Sometimes I minimize her feelings. This is something that have recognized I need to work on.

“Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.”

– OG Mandino

If I have learned nothing else through this experience, I have learned how I need to treat others. This life is not all about me.

I read a Christian blog last night. I agreed with his idea that 2020 was the worst year ever because of the pandemic, because of the election, or the economy is a false notion. The same problems that happened in 2020 have been repeated in history countless times over. Sure I will state that 2020 was a bad year for us all. I have recently posted that 2021 will get better it has too. We have to get better. I can start by saying, I have to get better.

Let’s all laugh a little more, care for each other, show genuine and honest compassion for our fellow man.

In order to change the world, we must first start within ourselves.


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  1. By Your Wife on

    Your wife has reactivated EBV. Everyone has the EBV virus yet in most people it lays dormant within their system. However, your wife is one of the lucky ones that has reactivated EBV which means she has an active virus in her body much like the one you are experiencing this weekend. Yet, the only difference is that it just simply never goes away.

    Due to the reactivated EBV virus, her immune system remains in constant “attack and defend mode” and is in a state of continuous overdrive. Which naturally lowers its effectiveness in fighting off the reactivated virus EBV or any other virus’ that it may encounter. This type of EBV virus usually leads to an autoimmune system disorder in time and perhaps warrants less “blowing off” and should not be minimized by anyone that claims to give a shit.


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