October 6 2020


Every day, I follow my favorite artists on the world wide web. Ryan Bingham does a video each day, he calls The Cantina Sessions. Tom Russell has now produced two online music festivals, and has had several online concerts. James McMurtry and Aaron Watson play free online concerts every Wednesday. Many other artists are doing the same. In this time of quarantine these guys and gals are still trying to make a living. I call this Quaransing.

Ray Wylie Hubbard posted yesterday on his Facebook page that he will be appearing on an upcoming episode of Austin City Limits.

The taping for the show will be on October 21st however the shows date to broadcast has yet to be announced.

So far, Upcoming Episodes on PBS  for Austin City Limits 46th season are:

October 10 – British soul singer/songwriter Yola will headline her album “Walk Through Fire

October 19- Stevie Ray Vaughan 30 years on: This hour long special will feature the highlights from the Texas blues man’s incredible performances on ACL spanning three decades.

October 24- Rufus Wainright

October 31- ACL Presents: 50 years of Asleep at the Wheel

November 7- John Legend & Roots

November 14- Jackie Venson and an encore from Bonnie Raitt

November 21- The Mavericks

The rest of the lineup in this 13 week season is yet to be announced. Viewers can visit acltv.com for more news and information.

Don’t go looking for tickets to the taping in October like I did. Unfortunately due to the Corona virus this is a taping only, and there will not be an actual audience.

The ACL music fest for 2020 has also been cancelled these were for the dates October 2-4 and October 9-11. This information was confirmed by a tweet as well as on the ACL Fest Website.

RWH thinks it might be a little weird as the crowd at those tapings adds to his vibe. He said however, he’s played before when there wasn’t an audience and it wasn’t at Austin’s Moody Theater. He is grateful to be invited to play the Austin City Limits.

Austin City Limits is the longest running TV show in history. Austin City Limits TV has been awarded the Peabody award, and it is the only TV series to ever be awarded the National Medal of Arts.

ACL is an Official Landmark according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The show Austin City Limits was created by AUSTIN PBS, KLRU-TV.

As of the 40th Anniversary of the show, in 2014, the show established its own Hall of Fame which includes Willie Nelson, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lyle Lovett and more.

Austin, Texas known as the “Live Music Capitol of the World” is a haven for innovative musicians. Austin is celebrated for it’s folk, blues, jazz, bluegrass, Tejano, and indie music scenes.

I do have some fear about these times of quarantine. Music Venues and concerts have all but shut the doors. I am thankful for places like Austin City Limits who are willing to produce a show even if there isn’t an audience present. When the World gets back to normal I vow to go to more Live Concerts. For now I will just watch the quaransing, and pray that life will get back to normal soon.

We all need to support our musicians. Keep buying music, and merchandise.

A trip to a live taping of Austin City Limits is on my bucket list, I hope I can get there soon.


September 23 2020

Spooky Wagons = Shakey Graves

After Some drunk guy yelled “spooky wagons” during a night of drinking and picking around a campfire during the Old Settlers Music Festival in 2007, a friend had the idea to give each other Native American Guide names.  Alejandro Rose-Garcia will forever be Known as Shakey Graves.

Shakey Graves  is  an Austin based up and comer in the Americana Genre . His groove consists of his unique voice coupled with country, folk, and bluegrass roots. He has already received an award for Best Emerging Artist at the Americana Music Awards in 2015. I see him growing into something greater than he already is.

Shakey can be a bit unpredictable at times, but his music is refreshing to the soul in this age of poor tastes. He is known for his one man band set up. A refurbished suit case becomes a kick drum and tambourine stand. A tap of his foot keeps the time while he belts out powerful poetic lyrics and plays amazing tones on his Gibson ES guitar.  He has performed on the Conan show, Late Show with David Letterman and on May 6, 2015 he performed on an episode of Austin City Limits.

Shake’s 2011 self released album Roll the Bones , features him most entirely performing solo. He is a singer, lead guitarist, bassist and rhythm section packed all in to one vinyl case. Shakey said he got the idea for the set up because he got tired of asking to borrow kick drums and high hats.

Multiple labels have hoped to work with him, however he has contracted with Dualtone Records. Since working with them he has added other musicians to his recordings and on stage.

On June 30, 2017 the band released “The Donor Blues “ and “Nobody’s Fool” as a collection titled The Horse He Rode in On. In 2018 Shakey Graves released the album Can’t Wake Up. This year, he is proud to have released Look Alive EP.

All these Albums are worth a spin and I am definitely adding them to my ever growing collection. I am personally looking forward to a light at the end of the tunnel when the Earth returns to some form of normalcy and great musicians like Shakey Graves will be back in the saddle, touring in a city near you.