April 6 2021

STT at Sam’s Town Point

South Texas Tweek is back on the road this week playing his newest songs, like “50 Dollars A Week,” and “Count On Me,” as well as a few of the good ol’ country songs that I grew up on. Besides playing his own tunes, I recently read on a twitter post that the Tweek also plays that 60’s and 70’s country music I like.

He plays his own version of “Drinkin’ Problem,” and he can sing in Spanish. This I have got to see sometime soon. Until then I will keep streaming his music on Spotify and YouTube. A few of his songs are now available on iTunes and yes, I own them all. I plan to keep adding to my own playlist as soon as they become available. I have enjoyed following this Texas original. He is going places in a hurry and It has been a pleasure for me to see him grow from the very beginnings of his musical career.  

Last night he played in Austin at a venue called Sam’s Town Point. He says he had a great time and his fans appreciated every note he sang I am most certain. Sam’s Town is a homey event space that has been ran by the Grossman family since 1981. By it’s own web page, Sam’s Town Point claims that it once could mostly only be found by accident. That isn’t the case today. Sam’s Town Point has become one of Austin’s most happening scenes.

“Last night was absolutely nuts. Amazing crowd… Buncha folks dancing”


Tonight, South Texas Tweek will be playing Tony’s Siesta in San Antonio along with Gus Clark.

The Seattle born, Gus, plays an unmatchable mix of early jazz, jug-band, country, and blues.

Be sure to check out https://www.southtexastweek.com/store for his merchandise, he says all proceeds go to his gas and taco fund for now. I am secretly hoping for the funds to go towards more promotion and even a full length album in the near future. From the webpage you can also access his upcoming events.

So do not miss SOUTH TEXAS TWEEK- Performing in a town near you!