November 13 2020

Mr Misunderstood

Last Wednesday night, Eric Church was crowned CMA’s Entertainer of the Year for 2020.

Church told people magazine,

“Music is the one thing that is going to save the entire world.”

Eric Church

Eric Church was born Kenneth Eric Church May 3,1977 in Granite Falls, North Carolina. He has released six studio albums since signing with Capitol Nashville in 2005.

The 43 year old artist, Church, has been nominated for the top prize four times previously. This was his first time to win the Crown of Country Music. This year Church was also nominated for male vocalist of the year, but Luke Combs was awarded that title.

In previous years, he has taken home other trophies from the CMA.  In 2012 Eric Church received Album of the Year for Chief. 2015 saw Eric Church as the winner of Musical Event of the Year. In 2016 Mr Misunderstood was named Album of the Year.

Mr. Misunderstood is what first drew me to Eric and his music. The album was released November 3rd 2015 by EMI records Nashville. The album was released on iTunes the following day. The title track of the album is still one of the Top 25 most played songs in my playlist.

 Mr. Misunderstood was written by Eric Church and Casey Beatherd. In 2016 the ACM awards gave it the title of Video of The Year. Upon it’s release the song peaked at number 15 on the U.S. Billboard Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs Charts.

I can truly associate with these lyrics. I have never fit in with any particular click. Especially when I was growing up through my school aged years. I feel like I am misunderstood even today. My style is all me. I am probably the only guy I know whose favorite outfit to wear is a pearl snap shirt, a cowboy hat and flip flops. I love music that isn’t the top choice.. I speak my own language of southern drawl mixed with a little tex-ican. I like to laugh and have fun. I am laid back even when I should be serious. Most of the bands that I listen to never even made it to the CMA stage.

I love his songs and his lyrics. I love the fact that he gives tribute to Ray Wylie Hubbard in this song!

Speaking of RWH today happens to be his birthday!

“It’s not any more unusual to be born twice than it is to be born once”

Ray Wylie Hubbard

Happy Birthday Ray Wylie Hubbard.

“Politicians are about division. Music is about unity. And I promise you it’s going to to take everybody in this room to unite.”

Eric Church Excerpt from his speech at the CMA awards 11/11/20

Mr Misunderstood I Understand


November 8 2020

Song of The Year 2020 Who’s Your Pick?

Only a few days are left before this year’s CMA awards. Reba McEntire and Darius Rucker will host the 54th Annual Country Music Awards show from Nashville. The show airs next Wednesday, November 11.

Today, Pinkie and I listened to the five songs that were nominated for Song of the Year and made our picks. I can’t wait until Wednesday to see how close we are to the winning song.

5. “The Bones” By Maren Morris. Songwriters were Maren Morris/Jimmy Robbins/Laura Veltz.

Pinkie and I both felt that the song was more hip than country. The song did have a good message it was about how when you are in the right relationship you can weather any storm.

4. “Bluebird” By Miranda Lambert. Songwriters were Miranda Lambert/Luke Dick/Natalie Hemby.

Miranda’s bluesy story was written only days after her marriage to Brendon Mcloughlin. I felt the song ran on a little long and the lyrics didn’t just pop out at me. Pinkie also picked the song as number four. She really enjoyed Miranda’s singing style in this song and felt that it was a catchy tune. The song was certainly not the best of the five.

3.”Even Though I’m Leaving” By Luke Combs. Songwriters were Luke Combs/Wyatt Durette/Ray Fulcher.

This song was inspired by some of Luke’s own childhood memories. I ranked the song in the third spot because it was a similar story to other country songs before it. I realize Divorce is a real subject and it does have an effect on the children especially. The song did sound more like the country music that I like than the other songs did. Pinkie rated the song in “Second Place.” She liked Luke’s strong voice and he told a good story.

2. “I Hope You’re Happy Now” By Carly Pearce and Lee Brice. Songwriters were Luke Combs/Randy Montana/Carly Pearce/Jonathan Singleton.

In this song Carly is wishing her former flame nothing but happiness in his “moving on.” The storyline was good, and it sounded to me like country music. I liked the duet that was done by Carly and Lee. Pinkie picked the song at “Third Place.” She wished that Lee would have had more verses to sing and she felt like his voice didn’t go well with Carly’s southern drawl.

1.”More hearts than Mine” By Ingrid Andress. Songwriters were Ingrid Andress/Sam Ellis/Derek Southerland.

For me I found this song soothing and soulful. The story line is about a subject that I am familiar with as I have bounced into relationships in the past and I didn’t look to see the outcome that the breakup would have on my family. You’re breaking more hearts than mine is a real twist for your usual tear jerking break up country song. This song has gotten lots of airtime on my local radio. It is hard not to sing along. I haven’t ever been much of a fan for female artists but I am all aboard with Ingrid. Pinkie and I both made this our choice for Song of the Year 2020.

Who are you picking for Song of The Year 2020?

Breaking More Hearts Than Mine.


October 9 2020


This evening I read about Hurricane Delta. This afternoon it made it’s landfall in Creole, Louisiana as a category 2. The hurricane is life threatening with nearly 11 million people in it’s path of 100 mile per hour winds.

Hurricane reminds me of Luke Combs first single,  “Hurricane”. Combs co-wrote the chart topping song with his buddies, Thomas Archer and Taylor Phillips.

The song started with a single word that Combs had stored onto his phone, according to “The Boot”. An internet publication on contemporary mainstream country music.

“I go through my day and pop stuff in and out of my phone whenever I have an idea. I had just thrown the word ‘hurricane’ into my phone”

Luke Combs

I can totally relate. I have done the very same thing. Long before creating this blog and writing on a laptop.

I started out with pen and paper, scratching ideas that popped into my head and then I found the Note feature on my iPhone.

I have written several poems and ideas on my own phone. Honestly, The first few blogs that I published on this very page, were entirely written on UnNi’s iPad.

Combs sat down with his buddies and one friend had mentioned to him about breaking up with his girl he was wanting to go out but he didn’t want to see her out.

Then it hit Luke Combs “Like a Hurricane” and the song was born:

The moon went hiding

Stars quit shining

Rain was dropping

Thunder ‘n lightning

You wrecked my whole world when you came

And hit me like a hurricane

You hit me like a hurricane

Hurricane By Luke Combs/ Thomas Archer/ Taylor Phillips

The song was released by Columbia Nashville in 2016 after originally charting as a single in 2015. It is included on Luke’s debut album “This one’s for You”.

This year Luke Combs is celebrating multiple nominations by the CMA.   For “Entertainer of the Year”, “Male Vocalist of the Year”, “Album of the Year” and “Single of the Year”.

His Album of The Year is for “What You See Is What You Get”.

The Single of The Year Nomination is for “Beer Never Broke My Heart”.

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The winner hasn’t yet been announced as the award show isn’t for another 33 days.

Luke has had to cancel the rest of his tour this year due to the Corona Virus, But I bet we see him in Nashville next month come hell or high water. The 54Th Annual CMA Awards can be seen on ABC Wednesday November, 11 at 7 Central time.

Like A Hurricane,