February 11 2021

Can’t be Wrong

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I was thinking about various love songs and then a thought occurred to me, “Heard it in A love song.. Heard it in a love song.. Heard it in a love song…… Can’t be wrong.”

Toy Caldwell of the Marshall Tucker Band wrote the song “Heard It in a Love Song.” The song was released in March of 1977. It appeared on the bands album Carolina Dreams.

The song is recognizable due to it’s intro by flutist Jerry Eubanks. Jerry was an original member of the band incorporated in the early 70’s. His instrumentals on the flute and saxophone and keyboards were signature components of the music of the Marshall Tucker Band.

Besides Toy and Jerry, the Marshall Tucker Band’s other original members were vocalist Doug Gray, rhythm guitarist George McCorkle, and drummer Paul Riddle. Lead Guitarist/ Steel guitarist and the band’s primary songwriter Toy Caldwell’s younger brother, Tommy Caldwell played bass.

Tommy Caldwell was killed in a car crash in 1980 and Franklin Wilkie stepped on board to play the bass.

In the early 1980’s the band membership began to change. The current structure consists of Doug Gray on vocals. Marcus James Henderson is now the keyboard player, saxophonist, and flautist. Chris Hicks and Rick Willis are the bands guitarists. The bassist is Tony Black and the drummer, B.B. Borden.

The band got it’s name during a moment in rehearsal. In a rented warehouse the band was using one of the members noticed a name on the door key “Marshall Tucker.” Later it was revealed that Marshall Tucker was a blind piano tuner from Columbia, South Carolina.

This American rock band from Spartanburg, South Carolina helped establish the Southern Rock genre. The band has had some crossover success throughout other genres but their mixture of rock, blues and progressive country along with an eclectic musical style has predominately been categorized as Southern rock.

Heard it in a love song.

Can’t be wrong.