February 15 2021

Mother Nature, come get your Arctic weather and take it home

Today is my beautiful wife’s birthday. My wife is the Pinkie to my Pancho here at PinkieandPancho.com. She told me earlier, that this would be a birthday she would not forget soon if ever.

We are experiencing a Winter Storm Warning here in the usually rather sunny, semiarid mild climate we live in. In general the Part of Texas we survive in lies in the Chihuahuan Desert. Average rainfall is somewhere around 14 inches a year. Between yesterday and the day before, we received somewhere in the amount of 4-8 inches of snowfall. I use to say that the oilfield ran 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Well, this weekend, the oilfield seems to have hung up the “closed” sign. After being sent home early on Friday, I was told to stay home from work today, and not come back till noon tomorrow Typical February weather here in the town of Odessa, Texas averages 62 degrees for the high and 36 degrees as the low. Today’s weather real time as of Seven P.M. Central Standard Time, is 14 degrees outside with a windchill factor making it feel like 6 degrees outside. How is that for Global Warming?

Our power has been on and off today, thankfully it has been on more than It has been off. We realize we are not as prepared for disaster as we could be. We are grateful to have what we need to keep us safe and healthy, but we also know we could and need to become more prepared in the near future. Some of our family members haven’t been as lucky as us as far as the ‘lectric goes. We are grateful and happy that as of now, they are safe and warm.

We realize this could have been a lot worse than it has been. At least we can learn something from the experience. We have drawn together as a couple and have shared our stories of faith and gratitude. Together, we can see areas in which we need to grow. Things to do to ensure our comforts if and when this Northern Blast of cold ever hits again!

This is all new to me. Currently, over 2 million Texans have reported power outages. What in tarnation is a “Rolling Blackout” ?  These regulated blackouts are supposed to be helping save precious energy. Is it actually helping or hurting us? I mean seriously it takes more energy to heat a cold pot than to heat a pot that is already maintaining stable heat ratio.

The party responsible for the blackout is the ERCOT. These blackouts are supposed to last 45 minutes or so.. you can call (888) 313-4747 or text OUT to 66267 if your outages last longer than this.

The snow is beautiful, for a little while. I do not know how the folks in the northern states deal with it day after day. I am not used to it. I never have been and probably never will be. There is snow in parts of Texas that almost never receive the white frozen stuff from the sky. There’s snow in places like Houston and Austin. Even the famed Luckenbach Texas Dancehall is closed due to severe weather conditions.

That is all I have for now. I want to once again wish my Pinkie a Happy Birthday and to say this:

Mother Nature, come get your Arctic weather and take it  home… The snow is messing up my view of the sand and tumbleweeds….