June 4 2021

New Tattoos- Trilogy of the Tweek Train

It’s Midnight 6/4/21 and that means that new music is streaming out of my speakers. I suppose this means I am one of the first listeners to hear the South Texas Tweek’s latest single, “New Tattoos,” which dropped only moments ago.

This is a brand new song but it has that classic Texas Twang and reminds me of the old Honky Tonkin sound that I grew up listening to.

The South Texas Tweek is one of the newest artists in Texas who is doing his part to Save Country’s Soul. I have been watching Tweek for the last seven months and have honestly enjoyed everything I have seen and heard him do. I have only been watching and listening to him for a little while but for me his music is a friendly homecoming sound that makes me feel like I have known it my whole life, as if my own heart beats Tweek.

Fun Facts: Tonight while listening to the Country and Cold Cans podcast on Apple, I learned that South Texas Tweek and Selena were born in the same hospital.

South Texas Tweek is the guy who is putting Brazoria County back on the map, and soon he is going to be a name known all across Texas and the rest of the planet.

I became a huge fan and supporter of South Texas Tweek when he first dropped “Count On Me” soon followed by “50 Dollars a Week.” “New Tattoos” is the third song in the Tweek trilogy. I am sure it is going to climb the Texas charts as fast as it can.

I’m buckled up and holding on this Tweek Train is fixing to fly high!


May 31 2021

Searching For John Prine

Yesterday I was blessed via Twitter when Jared LoStracco reached out to me. We visited for a while via messenger and through the text I gained more insight on this insightful songwriter.

LoStracco has a love of music that is very similar to my own tastes. His earliest influences came from listening to Waylon Jennings with his father. He said he was too young then to really understand the depth of the music and lyrics. As he grew up and was able to reflect on those moments with his dad, he discovered that many of his favorite songs were actually penned by Texas songwriter Billy Joe Shaver. On Waylon Jennings Honky Tonk Heroes album, released back in 1973, Billy Joe penned or co-penned 10 of the tracks that Waylon cut on that album. Willie Nelson, Tom T Hall, and Elvis Presley all also released songs written by the great Billy Joe Shaver. LoStracco also lists these as some who have influenced his style of songwriting.

“The Greatest Living Songwriter.”

Willie Nelson

Prior to Billy Joe Shaver’s death last October, Willie Nelson once referred to him as, “The Greatest Living Songwriter.” I was reflecting just this moment, does Willie now think of Billy Joe as the greatest not living songwriter? Jared LoStracco showed me his tender side when he told me he cried the day he heard the news of Billy Joe Shaver passing. I admitted to him that I too was extremely saddened by the loss of such a great writer. I believe Shaver influenced so many other musicians and his humility and humanitarian efforts helped the masses. Whether they were country musicians, music fans, or just plain ol’ folks, Billy Joe Impacted everyone’s life he came across.

It is not yet my place to announce the details yet, but I will say that there is something in the works by Jared LoStracco as a tribute to the great Billy Joe Shaver. I think it is excellent and I believe the world of music is going to receive it well. I am truly looking forward to seeing what LoStracco will come up with next.

“His songs are like mirrors, they reflect the good and bad. Show you what’s true and not what you wish you had. Spend your days happy with everything you got ‘cause when it’s time to go, it don’t matter what you’re not.”

Jared LoStracco

Another artist that greatly impacted the music of Jared LoStracco was John Prine. Prine has always been a favorite of mine. I can relate and reflect on so much of my own personality and inner demons with the words to any John Prine song. Prine’s style of soothing words and music have always been able to take me out of the pits of any personal hell I might find myself in. LoStracco released a song last year called “Searching For John Prine.” In his tribute to the late great Prine, LoStracco describes to perfection the way I see a John Prine Song. LoStracco describes Prine, “ His songs are like mirrors, they reflect the good and bad. Show you what’s true and not what you wish you had. Spend your days happy with everything you got ‘cause when it’s time to go, it don’t matter what you’re not.”

”We’ve got to believe that there’s another Bob Dylan, that someone can come along and strike a chord that suddenly draws everybody’s attention back to Kris Kristofferson and Guy Clark and John Prine . . . that somebody can bring things back to where it means something. I see it happening.”

Rodney Crowell

Singer songwriter Rodney Crowell stated this: ”We’ve got to believe that there’s another Bob Dylan, that someone can come along and strike a chord that suddenly draws everybody’s attention back to Kris Kristofferson and Guy Clark and John Prine . . . that somebody can bring things back to where it means something. I see it happening.” When I began this blog last year with the help of my wife, I only wanted to draw attention to these great songwriters, country and folk singers. The Dylans, Kristoffersons, Clarks, and Prines. When I started chasing these guys and digging further into them, I found countless other greats that these men have inspired. There are so many great living songwriters out there at this time in our lives. I want to introduce you to the Seth Joneses, The South Texas Tweeks and the Mason & The Gin Lines. I want to show you a catalog of about a billion other independent singer songwriters who need to have their voices heard. Since beginning this blog, the doors have opened to so many more artists than I ever could have imagined. I write about these guys not for any personal gain of my own. I only wish to share the creations of what these guys are giving to ease the pains of today’s cold cruel world. Today my goal through my writing is to open the doors to music fans out there to this newest breed of singer/ songwriters. John Prine may have left some big shoes to fill but I know in my heart of hearts that men like Jared LoStracco are up to the task.


May 16 2021

My Mama Never Told Me

I like this Raw and Folk sounding Tune by The South Texas Tweek. Here he is telling another story I can totally relate to. I love the candid video shoot. Here’s a warning to some of your young virgin ears, before you click play, there just might be a few explicit lyrics. This is just another reason to like Tweek- He is the real shit..

“My Mama Never Told Me It Would Be This Way.. Well Maybe She Did.. But I had to Learn The Hard Way,” Sings Tweek.

“My Mama Never Told Me It Would Be This Way..

South Texas Tweek

These Lyrics remind me of my own mama.  Mama’s prayers through my many years of addiction kept me alive. Mama always tried to give me her best advice and often I would go do my own things anyway. She would tell me things like that if I didn’t go to college, I would be digging ditches for a living. You know what? Mama was right. I did dig ditches for many years. I have cut grass and trimmed trees out of barbed wire fences and laid rock and mixed mud until my hands bled. I have worked on pipelines and drilling rigs. I have cleaned kennels and horse stalls. I have sold trailers and trailer parts. I’ve had more than one day full of plain bad luck.  

I am thankful that somewhere along the way I finally grew up a little and got out of trouble but I am also thankful that there are songs out there that I can still totally relate to and that they remind me of the way things used to be. Today I can sing along and be happy to have the life I love. God bless Texas and Texas Country Music.


May 12 2021

South Texas Tweek sets Release Date

The “Boi” has made it back to Brazoria County after a quick trip to Austin. South Texas Tweek was in Austin Texas earlier today to record his latest single. According to his Twitter account, The single is due to release on 6/4 of this year.

South Texas Tweek has been growing up in public these last few months since I began following him on social media and listening to his music. He is a genuinely fun-loving guy with a heart as big as Texas the state he calls home. There are plans for a full album in the not so far off future. Tweek’s fan base grows daily and he appreciates and tries to respond to as many of his fans as possible. I recently enjoyed the pictures he posted and the comments he made towards his band. He lets the world know that he is proud of them and that he can Count on Them! He knows that to make good music and give the fans what they want to hear that he can’t take all of the credit.

“It Takes A Village Brother.”

South Texas Tweek

I always have a lot of fun following South Texas Tweek on Twitter. Although I have never personally met the man, I feel like he is someone I could walk right up to and start a conversation with. Sometimes he can be serious and understanding. Sometimes he gives that good old fashioned fatherly advice. Other times he can be so damn funny that he leaves me in stitches. I like a man who isn’t afraid to have a good time and laugh and joke, even at his own expense.

In response to a Tweet earlier today, The Tweek replied that he was writing a sad song. I know he has his own demons, but he hides them quite well through his fun and games. Maybe through his songwriting some of these demons will finally stop haunting him in the way that they do. I have heard that South Texas Tweek can write a song about most any subject and I do not doubt that he can write the saddest song of them all. I know I will have to prepare myself to see this other side of him. The man that has made me laugh so many times in these last few months is also going to be the same man who will eventually make me cry.

Songwriting is the cheapest psychiatrist I know.”

Billy Joe Shaver

The late great Texas Songwriter, Billy Joe Shaver once said, “Songwriting is the cheapest psychiatrist I know.”

I hope that South Texas Tweek is finding his own personal healing and further happiness through the songs he writes. I know that he is going to make more songs that touch my soul and whoever else will listen along.


May 5 2021

Tweets say New Music Coming Soon

Twitter has once again brought me happy news! Today I learned that some of my favorites will soon have NEW MUSIC!

Mason Server of Mason and the Gin Line reported that they are planning to release a new single out by July. South Texas Tweek has been writing new tunes and is going to release a single in June. Rosmand is currently recording a brand new album and the recording process will be complete by this coming Saturday.

“We will finish recording the new album on Saturday it has been a long road to get here, a lot of learning in music and in life, I can’t wait for y’all to hear it”

Tweeted Mando Salas of Rosmand

I asked Mando where he had been recording at.

“For the first time (for releasing it to public) – I’m tracking at home!” said Salas.

I recently purchased Mando Salas’ album, Forever, on iTunes. If you don’t have it, you need to get it! There are some amazing and up beat tracks on this 2018 release. Several are sang as duets with his wife Chelsie Salas and man that girl can sing.

I also saw a tweet stating Seth Jones will be in the studio Monday working on his album and already has plans to record a second album sooner than later.

Wow dude, that’s a double take!

“This coming Monday I’m in the studio working on a pretty wild album.. A week and two days later I’ll be in the studio again working on a different and slightly less wild album.”

Seth Jones

Seth Jones song “The Last Lesson,” is currently ranked at #59 on the Texas Music Pickers charts.

I am loving what these guys are doing for country music and I hope they all just keep on climbing. Their old stuff is good and I know the new stuff is going to be even better. Keep up the good work and Keep shouting out your Texas Country roots.

Texas Country roots.


April 29 2021


I am a fan of Singer/Songwriters. I am always seeking to find the original versions and voices of a song.  I was just listening to Charley Crockett’s “Lilly My Dear.

I am a big fan of Charley Crockett and have been following him a lot lately. I will soon get to catch my first live show of this artist and I am super stoked. Everything he puts out he does with such passion and pride and it all sounds like it could be one of my very favorite songs at that given moment. I always enjoy watching Charley’s music videos. I could watch them 100 times over and I still could like them again.

In looking at the song “Lilly My Dear,” from it’s track listing. The song comes from Crockett’s Welcome to Hard Times album. It was co written by of course Charley himself, also Colin Colby, Vincent Neil Emerson and Tyler Heiser.

South Texas Tweek

Wait what? Tyler Heiser.. I now know of him. I love everything about him and truly believe in what he is doing with his music. This boi has some real talent, and a heart as big as TEXAS. I know Tyler Heiser as South Texas Tweek. 50 Dollars a week is one of the South Texas Tweek’s latest singles and it was co-written with Charley Crockett. These two Texans are on my radar and I can’t wait to see what else the two will collaborate together.

Vincent Neil Emerson.

Through this experience of finding these co-creators of “Lilly My Dear” I also discovered Vincent Neil Emerson. His song “Willie Nelson’s Wall,” was a treat to find today of all days. As today is Shotgun Willie’s 88th Birthday.

Willie Hugh Nelson Born on this day April 29, 1933 in Abott Texas.

Vincent Neil Emerson is a singer/songwriter from Van Zandt County in East Texas. He has been playing classic sounding country music since his early twenties. Emerson’s debut album, Fried Chicken & Evil Women, released in September 2019 from LaHonda Records.

Colin Colby

Colin Colby is an Austin, Texas based Indie Musician who often tours with Charley Crockett. I just had to go check him out on Spotify. I can really get behind the tones of “Everyone Wants to Be Young.

I’ll just keep watching and listening to these 4 artists as they are all wonderful solo. In “Lilly My Dear,” a project they did together I think they were phenomenal.


April 6 2021

STT at Sam’s Town Point

South Texas Tweek is back on the road this week playing his newest songs, like “50 Dollars A Week,” and “Count On Me,” as well as a few of the good ol’ country songs that I grew up on. Besides playing his own tunes, I recently read on a twitter post that the Tweek also plays that 60’s and 70’s country music I like.

He plays his own version of “Drinkin’ Problem,” and he can sing in Spanish. This I have got to see sometime soon. Until then I will keep streaming his music on Spotify and YouTube. A few of his songs are now available on iTunes and yes, I own them all. I plan to keep adding to my own playlist as soon as they become available. I have enjoyed following this Texas original. He is going places in a hurry and It has been a pleasure for me to see him grow from the very beginnings of his musical career.  

Last night he played in Austin at a venue called Sam’s Town Point. He says he had a great time and his fans appreciated every note he sang I am most certain. Sam’s Town is a homey event space that has been ran by the Grossman family since 1981. By it’s own web page, Sam’s Town Point claims that it once could mostly only be found by accident. That isn’t the case today. Sam’s Town Point has become one of Austin’s most happening scenes.

“Last night was absolutely nuts. Amazing crowd… Buncha folks dancing”


Tonight, South Texas Tweek will be playing Tony’s Siesta in San Antonio along with Gus Clark.

The Seattle born, Gus, plays an unmatchable mix of early jazz, jug-band, country, and blues.

Be sure to check out https://www.southtexastweek.com/store for his merchandise, he says all proceeds go to his gas and taco fund for now. I am secretly hoping for the funds to go towards more promotion and even a full length album in the near future. From the webpage you can also access his upcoming events.

So do not miss SOUTH TEXAS TWEEK- Performing in a town near you!


March 8 2021

South Texas Tweek and New Tattoos

Everybody calls him trouble; some call him South Texas Tweek.

People say he hasn’t changed but that’s only half truth he says.. he’s got some new tattoos.

The newest song out on video to date by South Texas Tweek is “New Tattoos.” STT has plans to cut the song again very soon and including his entire backing band on the track. The song is upbeat and sounds great in this rough acoustic version. I am looking forward to hearing the final draft.

This song was written and performed by Tweek. The video was recorded at Bold and Brave Tattoo Studios in Houston Texas. STT gives Media Manifested (Michael Elizondo) credit for shooting and directing the video.

New Tatoos,” along with his songs “50 Dollars a Week” and “Count On Me” rising in popularity on streaming services, the South Texas Tweek has begun to make a name for himself. If you haven’t heard his stuff, I highly recommend that you go check him out now.

“There are quite literally no words to express the depth of my gratitude for every single person that’s listened and shared so far.”

South Texas Tweek via Facebook.

The South Texas Tweek is back on the road again, heading North from his South Texas home. He has been playing in and around Austin and San Antonio and hopefully soon he will be headed to a town near you. Until then, support this talented artist by listening to and sharing his music.

I recently found his Spotify channel and I am impressed not only by him but the awesome playlist that he has created. Find his friend, and co-writer of “50 Dollars a Week,”  Charley Crockett there too you won’t be disappointed.

I am looking for South Texas Tweek to hit the big time just any day now. Hold on to your hat the wind is gonna blow it right off of your head.


February 18 2021

50 Dollars a Week- Crockett/Tweek

Attention all you Tweeks and Freaks, here is some more new music that released in Texas just before the world froze over.

This South Texas Tweek performance was co-written with Charley Crockett .“50 Dollars a Week,”  is a song about working hard for little pay.

Hard times happen, and we as humans have to overcome. When we are working hard to support our loved ones we don’t mind. I have worked my hands black more than once in my life. I have been through some hard times. This is music that I can relate to. A man should never be afraid of hard work.

Charley Crockett is used to hard times. Last May, Crockett announced the release of his new album, Welcome to Hard Times.  

Charley grew up in a trailer park in Los Fresnos way down in the southern tip of the Great State of Texas. At the age of 17 he left home and began making music. He played on the streets of New Orleans and in and around the arts and entertainment district Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. Crockett has worked on farms and communes. He has spent some time on the wrong side of the law including being arrested on possession charges. He has done his time, and put his troubles into his blues and americana music.

Charley began playing guitar on one his mother had purchased for him at a pawn shop.

“I taught myself how to play and started to write songs immediately, without any chord knowledge or anything. I didn’t know what key I was in for 12 years, but my ear was really good, and I could play in any key and any chord. I just didn’t know what it was.”

Charley Crockett- Via Wikipedia

In the last few years, Charley Crockett has released multiple singles and has written and/or co wrote several songs.

I like Crockett’s style and South Texas Tweek’s voice and skill as a musician accompanies Crockett’s music well.

I enjoy the new tunes coming out from these guys and I know there is a future ahead for the both of them.


February 10 2021

South Texas Tweek- Count on me

I have been following and interacting some with the South Texas Tweek on Twitter recently. The guy puts out some insightful tweets and shares some of the most fantastic music. Some of the stuff he shares are by other artists, but he also does a bang up job of promoting his own music and style. He is creating a brand of music that takes me down some of those country back roads into my own memory lane. Tweek’s music reminds me of the music I love, music that still sounds like country music. His current song “Count On Me” rings of a classic. He isn’t playing this country rap crap that is found in Nashville today. This is real Texas music from a true Texan.

STT’s Instragram profile describes him –

Folks call me Tweek. Poet of twang and drunken lullabies. Tejano w/ Tourette’s.

His Twitter home page reads:

Texan. Father. Husband. Poet of twang and drunken lullabies. PHD in honky tonkin.

Both are pretty accurate descriptions if you ask me. The South Texas Tweek calls Brazoria County home. Down South in between Houston and the Gulf of Mexico. He has no where to go but up from there. His song “Count On Me” recently reached the top 25 in the Texas Music Pickers Spotify charts. I have a feeling his music is going to keep on climbing. I have not heard a bad song yet by this Cowboy.

I am looking forward to following South Texas Tweek to see what he throws at us next. Check out his stuff.

He did reply to my comment the other day, He did not intentionally match his shirt to the train’s caboose..

Check it out and I hope you enjoy it.

A classic country love song recorded live in Brazoria county Texas.