March 12 2021

Marijuana and Jalepenos

TGIF… Thank God it’s Friday! This week has kicked me in the butt. Life in the patch is good to me today, things seem to be gettin’ a little busy out here again.

Had just a few minutes of downtime and I got to thinkin’. I like songs that most people think are strange. My wife has told me more than once.. “Your music is strange,” she says , “well some of it is good but it’s strange.”

If there is a song you think is strange.. let me know, I will probably like it. I like funny songs, I like songs that no one else has ever heard. I like songs that tell a story. Wait I like songs.

My preferred genre is Texas country or Red Dirt, but for those of you who know me or those that follow my blogs you know that I will listen to just about anything that tickles my ear buds.

Rich O’Toole tweeted today..Be creative and different. Hearing 100 bands that sound the same does zero for Texas Music.”

I like songs that are different.. how many more songs are going to be written about toes in the water, beer drinkin’ on the tailgate of a pickup truck, that girl that done left a long time ago? Nah put some different lyrics in there bro.. Rich O’Toole is right. Dare to be different.

I can almost bet that no other song writer in Texas, the USA, or the Planet Earth has ever written a song about Marijuana and Jalepenos. Rich O’Toole did it.. check it out, I did!

Get the song on iTunes:…​ Official video for Rich O’Toole’s two favorite things, “Marijuana and Jalapenos.”

O’Toole has a large discography. His songs range from road tripping across the west to sky scrapers and big cities. He has music you can sing along with. Music you can dance too. And for guys like me who need different, un normal, non cliché, he has Marijuana and Jalepenos.

I’d like to think he wrote the song just for me.. But I know that isn’t true, I am pretty sure he wrote it just for you. I mean seriously even though I haven’t touched the stuff in over 12 years to be honest , if they ever did legalize the green bud in Texas, I would most likely try some on my tacos too.


March 9 2021

McCollum at #1 nine weeks

In the #1 spot for 9 Weeks in a row the most-streamed TX/Red Dirt single on Spotify is Parker McCollum’s, “To Be Loved By You.”

What in the hell does a man have to do to be loved by you?

The song has created quite a following and is ranked by it’s following presence high above all of my other favorite new tracks. Parker McCollum, The Limestone Kid, is becoming a regular and worthy artist on Americana and Texas Country radio. He is someone whose talent has really began to shine in this post pandemic world we are living in.

It’s nice to hear country music that still sounds country. Parker isn’t writing or singing about anything that we haven’t all been through ourselves.

Here is a story of a man who is doing his best to do whatever it takes to make his woman fall head over heels for him. A man who is just doing the best he can and laying all his chips on the table.

The Austin Texas based Singer/Songwriter says when a particular melody, lyric or emotion flows over him, he can’t help but to spend the time it takes to work it out. The time and effort Parker painstakingly takes on each note can be heard in his recent recordings.

McCollum mixes the genres of Americana, Texas country, and indie rock and the outcome is an incredible sound.

“I’m constantly trying to find ways to make our live show better”

Parker McCollum

Parker McCollum

Parker is on tour. According to his webpage he is booked at venues all across this great nation every weekend for the next several months. Tickets are available and I would encourage you to check him out. I am looking into seeing a live performance very soon myself.


March 8 2021

South Texas Tweek and New Tattoos

Everybody calls him trouble; some call him South Texas Tweek.

People say he hasn’t changed but that’s only half truth he says.. he’s got some new tattoos.

The newest song out on video to date by South Texas Tweek is “New Tattoos.” STT has plans to cut the song again very soon and including his entire backing band on the track. The song is upbeat and sounds great in this rough acoustic version. I am looking forward to hearing the final draft.

This song was written and performed by Tweek. The video was recorded at Bold and Brave Tattoo Studios in Houston Texas. STT gives Media Manifested (Michael Elizondo) credit for shooting and directing the video.

New Tatoos,” along with his songs “50 Dollars a Week” and “Count On Me” rising in popularity on streaming services, the South Texas Tweek has begun to make a name for himself. If you haven’t heard his stuff, I highly recommend that you go check him out now.

“There are quite literally no words to express the depth of my gratitude for every single person that’s listened and shared so far.”

South Texas Tweek via Facebook.

The South Texas Tweek is back on the road again, heading North from his South Texas home. He has been playing in and around Austin and San Antonio and hopefully soon he will be headed to a town near you. Until then, support this talented artist by listening to and sharing his music.

I recently found his Spotify channel and I am impressed not only by him but the awesome playlist that he has created. Find his friend, and co-writer of “50 Dollars a Week,”  Charley Crockett there too you won’t be disappointed.

I am looking for South Texas Tweek to hit the big time just any day now. Hold on to your hat the wind is gonna blow it right off of your head.