July 15 2021

Ben Curry Oil Patch Songs

This week on the release radar I came across Ben Allen Curry. He writes songs about the oilfield. The oilfield has been the way I make my living and the way my daddy did before me. The oilfield is the only reason I call this God forsaken West Texas Desert my home. I have lived here most all my life. I reckon I will never leave.

“‘Midland‘ has more streams in 1 day than all my other songs.  Thank you to my oilfield family for taking this song and running with it!”

Ben Allen Curry

Curry says on his Facebook page about his latest single, “‘Midland‘ has more streams in 1 day than all my other songs.  Thank you to my oilfield family for taking this song and running with it!”

I also like how he recently described my home on Facebook, “Ironically I’m currently in West Texas soaking up all the Desert Sand I can take.  It’s hell on my songs.  The wind makes it hard to sing.” Said Curry.

The wind makes it hard to sing.

Ben Allen Curry

I love West Texas and yes I can relate to the fact that somedays that hard wind is gonna blow and when it does, hard and hell is actually a very polite way to describe it.


December 29 2020

Songs about home

The Panhandlers is my favorite musical group of 2020.

Four seasoned Texas Country musicians who make up this group from the flatlands of West Texas, William Clark Green, Cleto Cordero, Josh Abbott and John Baumann. All four of them make great music by themselves but the four of them together is a phenomenal sound.

My current favorite song is “West Texas in My Eye.” I cant stop hearing this rolling around in my head!

Where the Llano Estacado rises up into the sky I ain’t crying that’s West Texas in my eye

There entire debut album is world class, and the entire album is themed around my home. West Texas.

My pick for album of the year is The Panhandlers.

There is talk of a second album coming out in 2021.

Josh Abbott tweeted today:

“Covid ruined our entire debut tour”

Josh Abbott from Twitter

The band is planning shows in Lubbock, Amarillo, El Paso, Marfa, and Alpine at some point.

I hope I can catch up with them live sometime sooner than later.

This Covid has got to pass!

Sunny 69 degree day here at home today. There is a forecast of snow tomorrow night. I have always heard “If you don’t like the weather in West Texas wait a minute and it will change.”

Maybe the snow will run the Covid to the ground! The West Texas sunshine sure hasn’t beat it. Keep your heads up and keep moving forward. With the vaccines and the new medical treatments I know we are going to beat this thing!

I ain’t crying that’s West Texas in my eye.


October 30 2020

Neon Dreams

Just a little over a month ago, Braxton Keith, released his Neon Dreams. This young newcomer who hails from San Angelo, Texas sounds as if he has summoned the spirit of Marty Robbins.

Neon Dreams was released on September 4.

My favorite track on the album is “Cold Hard Steel and Sand.”  

This song gives historical reference into the roots of the oil field. Santa Rita #1. The discovery well drilled near Big Lake, Texas would open the gates to the development of the Permian Basin. Santa Rita was the well that showed the world that there was more to West Texas than just blowing dust and sand.

Santa Rita #1 got it’s first showing of oil at 3050 feet below the West Texas desert in May of 1923. After a roaring and rushing sound the black gold spewed over the wooden derrick. It took over two weeks to get the well under control. The well continued to produce oil until 1990 when it was plugged after 67 years of service. A replica of the Santa Rita derrick can be seen at the Petroleum Museum in Midland Texas. petroleummuseum.org

Cold Hard Steel and Sand,” was co-written by Charlie Stout. Charlie was originally from West Virginia, but now calls West Texas home.

The song gives a picturesque description of my own hometown, Midland Texas, “The Tall City.”

Braxton Keith is also originally from Midland. He is now a college student at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. Braxton has played the piano since Kindergarten. His love of the country and western legends inspired him to learn to play the guitar and begin making music.

“My heroes consist of the country western legends such as Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, Brooks and Dunn, Hank Williams, Bob Wills, George Strait, and many others.”

Braxton Keith

Other notable songs on the album include “Drifter,” and the album’s title track, “Neon Dreams” this is music that I will definitely be scooting my boots to.

My love for entertaining people drove me to create the kind of good old country music that you’ll be hearing from me.

Braxton Keith

In my opinion we are going to be hearing this guy on the radio sooner than later. Until then his music is available on Spotify, Apple iTunes, and YouTube.

Give Braxton Keith a spin!


September 18 2020

Don’t Let it End Like This

“ Don’t let it end like this. Tell them, I said something.” Pancho Villa

These were reportedly the final words of the famous Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa. “Don’t let it end like this”As a writer and storyteller, I am here to tell you that this is only the beginning.. My wife Jennifer and I are creating this page to share our story and our views and poems and music to the world.. our beginning, our middle and our end is entirely up to us , and we hope our future followers will enjoy following us and provide the feedback and direction of this page.
My opinions are mostly my opinions. I am influenced by great people who came before, other poets, storytellers and the singer songwriter. I am a fan of Folk and Americana music.
  I have an attachment to the desert and the mountains and finding beauty in all Gods creations like  the rocky, dry sands of West Texas and the rivers that run through it.
My goals here are to paint you a picture through my words of this land called West Texas. It’s people and it’s music.